Labour in Crisis – A very public war

What we are witnessing with the meltdown of the Labour party is perhaps unprecedented in New Zealand politics.

Not even at the worse times of the Lange/Douglas breakdown, or Anderton’s split from Labour in 1989 was anything even closely like what we are seeing unfild in a very public manner.

John Key has stated that Labour are now in a very public war:

Speaking to reporters in Cambodia, Key late last night waded into drama, declaring: “Labour are in a war that has now broken out in public.”

“They fundamentally do not like each other, they fundamentally do not trust each other.”

Key said he’s happy to go “up against” Shearer in the 2014 election, but said he wouldn’t “bet the ranch” on him remaining leader that long.

The leadership saga was not “helping or hurting” National.

“They are focused on themselves and we are focussed on the country. We are more stable, my caucus are unified behind me, we have solid coalition partners… they can’t even organise a conference.”

The prime minister said he wouldn’t have demoted Cunliffe, saying: “Sometimes it’s better to keep your enemies closer.”


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  • Jimmie

    Perhaps the big difference between now and the Douglas era is the role of social media (particulary blogging – The Strandard) this has allowed a more open forum for labour activists to voice their displeasure.

    I’m guessing in the 80’s the only mention of this infighting would have been behind closed door with the MSM publishing only some aspects of it – however in 2012 we are getting all the guts ‘n glory dissected to the very last in a public forum – probably gives the impression that it is a more blood thirsty civil war than previous.

    • Pete George

      But I suspect the frenzy keeps feeding itself.

      Some of them really do think that blog power will get them somewhere, but the total denial of fault in their messiah is breathtaking.

  • conwaycaptain

    This is like a Mafia war without the guns and knives.
    Now we have an open war between the Left, the centre left, the Rainbow faction and the Unions.

  • Gazzaw

    One of their problems is that their mates in the media have joined in the feeding frenzy. It must be a strange phenonemon for labour to have their paid up turd polishers turn on them but nothing gets in the way of a good story. Sort of poetic justice really.

    Could be the biggest event since John A Lee once this has run its course.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys. Our internal polling reveals Kiwis are very happy with the decisive leadership shown by Sheep and this is expected to be reflected in the next opinion poll. Don’t be surprised if Sheep overtakes Emperor in popularity stakes.

    • cows4me

      Sir , to many drugs , ease back a bit.

  • Well at least Kim Con is gone!!!!!

  • owl

    The reason for the Crisis – Unions pushed their weight. Shearer is stuffed – I predicted that way back when and it is all coming to fruition

    • Troy

      Yup you’re on to it regarding the Unions. Labour still thinks that unions are the life line of their party – they don’t get it that most kiwi’s detest vile unions, they are destructed force with everything they touch. Labour is getting what it deserves by having them in the family. Great to see Labour imploding.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Duncan Garner must be devastated that his favourite Labour party is in turmoil…..

  • owl

    Watch this space
    New Labour
    Maori party
    Mana Party
    Greens Party

    here is the new party 2013
    Labour Union Party – has all the cash headed as follows
    D Cunilffe
    Deputy A Little

    new list MP’s – Helen Kelly, Brenda Pilott

    Think very hard here for a second…Labour Party relies totally on Union money – if you turn off the tap – will she is gone. The Pink dollar cant support Labour and the Catholics cant support gay marriage.

    I say it once and I will say it a 100 times – this debacle was started by the Unions

    • Pete George

      Eddie at The Standard has union connections, as do other authors and a number of the regular commenters who have a free rein to attack and harass anyone they want to. That’s who is driving all the fuss there. So no surprise there.

      Did they work with Cunliffe on this wee campaign, did Cunliffe work with them, or did they set Cunliffe up?

      • owl

        Yep the bloggers are going nuts at Helen Kelly on the standard

        • owl

          The lines on my piece paper I have been drawing place the leadership voting positions and Cunniliffe position back to A Little, Greg Plesard, H Kelly…the Internet if full of NZCTU these guys position and opinion … This has been an exciting review. My hypotheses is..Did Helen Kelly influence the demise of shearer and allow the unions to take have the command position?

          The interesting breakdown is the 264 votes for as this is 53% for the 40% threshold and yet unions have only 20%.. So here is the question for readers and here is the answer…who put the motion forward to drop to 40% when It is clear that 60% was agreed prior to the conference. Ignore A Littles defense of the 50% rule… All a ruse…it he knew how the floor was going to vote. The 264 vote came from the union delegates who where flown in for the conference by the union.

          The answer a union delegate…free chocolate fish for the person who can name that person?

  • owl

    I wonder if the EMPU and the Greens and the NZ First Party is going to call for a summit on the “LABOUR CRISIS” encompassing NZ at the moment.

    For once I agree with the left – there is a LABOUR CRISIS

  • Auto_Immune

    This crisis probably means Goff, Mallard, King, Cosgrove and others won’t consider retiring anytime soon… gotta stop the unionists from getting control!

    I don’t know how I feel about that.

  • Lion_ess

    “The prime minister said he wouldn’t have demoted Cunliffe, saying: “Sometimes it’s better to keep your enemies closer.”

    Yet again the Prime Minister is right – they should have promoted Cunliffe to ensure they have someone coherent to front the media.