Labour in Crisis

The poor performance of Labour Leader David Shearer at yesterday’s media conference to punish David Cunliffe appears to have emboldened Camp Cunliffe.

Cunliffe himself may be gagged, but his electorate Chair, Greg Presland, is threatening to make a complaint to the Labour Council over Cunliffe’s treatment.

He’s claiming Cunliffe has been the victim of a witch hunt by senior MPs who’ve set out to nobble Cunliffe’s career.

We always knew there were very deep divisions in the Labour Party, and now they’re┬ácoming out into the open.

The full interview is here:

Here are some of the best extracts from Presland’s Red Radio interview this morning…

Meanwhile, David Cunliffe has plenty of time to play the victim and practice his barbecue skills over summer.


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  • The first thing Camp Cunliffe should do is teach him not to leer at everything that moves

    • Troy

      Yup, he’s a creep but he still thinks himself just wonderful – i’m enjoying watching the Labour Party fall apart and not before time. This is going to linger for quite some time and the kiwi audience will tire of their inadequacies.

    • jonno1

      I agree that leer is unfortunate, but probably a natural facial attribute. Still, needs work!
      I recall a chap on TV recently discussing a serious topic – can’t remember what or where – whose face broke into a smile at the end of every sentence in a most inappropriate fashion. Again, probably natural and in most circumstances would be endearing, but not at that time unfortunately. So the leer’s gotta go if DC wants any traction.

      PS Remember on Q&A a few months ago he talked about “my members” (of the Labour party)? So his real problem is arrogance.

  • Pete George

    It’s hard to see an easy, tidy or quick way out of this mess for Labour. Their possible self destruction has major implications for the Greens and the left – it makes it more difficult for them despite some more vote being up for grabs. And it has significant implications for the party balance in parliament, with a one large party/several medium parties/several small parties mix looking more likely.

    The immediate problem is a left coalition will be seen as a cot case with a screaming baby in dirty nappies that isn’t learning anything.

  • Pete George

    Heads in the sand? This has just been tweeted:

    New Zealand Labour @nzlabour

    “There is a better way: there is a Labour way!” – Labour Leader @DavidShearerMP

    The Labour way is not something to be skiting about at the moment.

    • Travis Poulson

      Couldn’t have put it better myself Pete. Unfortunately for Labour this saga is going to deflect focus from policy to the internal combustion that is likely to continue for some months yet, or until Shearer is replaced. The Labour machine is firing on all four cylinders but they’re all out of timing and need a tune, the head needs to be changed and most of the worn rings (pardon the pun).

    • Lion_ess

      They could do with a new jingle writer as well, preferably not a limp wrister penning limp jingles.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    Voted the most sought after recipe in Cunliffe’s bar b que bible is lamb chops skewered and served with a tart sauce …. yum!

  • conwaycaptain

    This leaves the Montagus and the Capulets for dead. Is Grant Robertson the modern version of Juliet??? Being wooed by both sides. I leave it to your virile imaginations.

  • 4077th

    It’s delicious watching them implode like a slow motion train wreck. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  • Jaffa

    He could start a new party “New Labour”.
    If Jim Anderton could do it, Cunliff can.
    More money too!

    • Travis Poulson

      Yea, but where are Jimmies parties now…out in the wilderness.

      • conwaycaptain

        In the Greens. Remember that Wussel did a PhD on the Alliance

  • Nelson Muntz