Labour’s Lack of Vision, Ctd

My previous post highlighted how limited the Labour Party is in their vision, being more interested in putting forward insignificant policies that pander to their minority factions, rather than a broader vision for New Zealand.

If Labour were running a proper conference the themes would be jobs, growth and education. They would be concentrating on telling the public what a disaster John Key has been as New Zealand has fallen further behind Australia, more of our kids are heading overseas and that to get growth we need a Labour government because National hasn’t worked. Then hammer home that National is only interested in standards, not results, and would rather give millions to their cronies in big business than fund schools properly.

The problem for Labour is when a party is taken over by minority factions the big picture never gets a look in. So instead of pinning John Key with some of his quotes as leader of National saying all the things he was going to do as PM, they are going to squabbling over irrelevant bullshit….like which David should lead the party.


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  • Random66

    Totally agree. Labour should be thinking how would they convince me, who has never voted Labour, to vote for them now. They will always get those who blindly vote Labour no matter what, but for them to really become a political party of true power they will need to not only get their old voters back, but new ones. Get rid of the minority faction, get a real leader, get real policies and get decent people on board fighting for a New Zealand that most middle NZ’ers would want to live in and maybe they won’t be such the pathetic party they have become.

  • Alloytoo

    It’s really not just enough to say how the government has failed, or is failing, labour needs to demonstrate how they would do it better.
    Nothing we’ve seen so far suggests their ‘policies’ would yeild better results than the current settings, rather the opposite in fact.

  • In Vino Veritas

    It’s business as usual for the Labour party then Whale. I can’t remember (and I’ve been a voter since the 1970’s) any Labour party as having a vision. Well, thats if you don’t count slogans around the poor (and there will always be poor people).
    Labour has become a home for minorities. They all bark and yap at each other, ergo the fractured, meaningless rubbish that comes out of the party. Its sort of like a very much worse version of MMP.

  • niggly

    Seeing TV3, TVNZ, Fairfax and APN probably won’t tear apart Labour’s loopy economic ideas on behalf of the voters …. perhaps the likes of The Truth might do some stories, with headlines such as:

    “Labour Party discussing plans to raise unemployment by tens’s of thousands (and will run out of money to pay unemployment benefits)”.

    Or “Labour policies to increase the brain drain to Australia by hundreds of thousands more kiwis”.

    Lol. For a minute this all sounds like what the Greens would like to happen! Have Labour’s activist base been secretly infiltrated by Greens activists?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Oil – I beg you not to give ideas to these dimwits. If these guys get to power, NZ as we know will not exist.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    Excellent concise summary WO. Labour has been hi-jacked by the gay (though not very happy) crowd, the PC brigade, academics, and the bleeding heart liberals. They have successfully disenfranchised themselves from their substance – the blue collar workers, the Maoris, and sometimes the beneficiaries. So all they have left are fractions who do not identify with the essence of the party but are more interested in power and control.

    Meanwhile the unions are walking round like headless chickens. No longer are they leaders (would many of the industrial accidents happened in NZ if the unions had a backbone – I doubt it). The unions have been seduced by the empty promises of the acedemics (especially Helen Clark) and are now impotent and often laughable.

    So unless Labour embraces the themes as outlined above by Cam they will spend their weekend grovelling to Helen Clark, backstabbing, politicking, and vying for power and control. Helen Clark’s personal agendas effectively destroyed the Labour Party, and it will take quite a few years (if ever) for them to rediscover their substance and rebuild their loyalties.

    The amazing thing is that the Labour hierarchy (especially the academics) arrogantly think the voters are fools and are ignorant of these issues. Consequently Labour’s self appointed intelligentsia casually brush voter opinion aside preferring to discuss a good wine instead of workers rights.

    And this is all good news for National.

  • cows4me

    Don’t know why you are so nice to them Whale. They’re thick bastards, plain and simple. They haven’t learnt a thing since they got the big A . It’s the same old tied socialist shit , covered with some fresh stuff , they rammed down our throats years ago. The pricks must live in their own little world , can’t they see the state of the world. They worked us down to the gutter when they were in power , give them another chance and we will floating in the sewer.

    • Honcho

      Good governance needs good opposition, national most certainly have not been performing (why has queen hekia not been sacked?) yet the sheep has been all but silent.

      • Mediaan

        Education portfolio is not an easy one ever, and this lot have been led to believe they can call the shots. Big headed teachers everywhere.

        I do not envy the Minister in her job. We are lucky she is a very skilled and experienced person.

    • Mediaan

      I agree they did harm when in power last.

      They have dangerous ideas. We can’t afford any more of the Big Dumb New Rules Each Day stuff.

      They want our kids stupid, for one thing.

      The new degraded teaching profession (that Labour gave us) has a stop-work half-day next week apparently. NZEI union meeting.

      Not content with that, some schools have suspended teaching for private art projects this week. All kids to work out a craft project of their own, or perform a dance or something.

      Probably so the teachers can work on stuff for the Labour conference and for next week’s union meeting, without the nuisance of having to teach.

      That sort of sloppy teaching practice is not going to get New Zealand moving ahead in science, industry, and engineering. Poor little kids, being short-changed.

  • thor42

    WO – **Please** give Labour’s list of remits a complete roasting in the Truth.
    These economic saboteurs and traitors should be exposed for the naive, ignorant fools that they are.