Labour’s Lack of Vision, Ctd

Our Pinko mate has done a summary of the halfwit Labour policies that their conference is going to discuss. It shows Labour is still a collection of identity politics ratbags and doesn’t represent Waitakere Man.

Some of their sure fire vote winners are:

Supporting the failing union movement

  • De facto compulsory unionism by forcing all employees to “contribute to the benefits of enterprise and multi-enterprise bargaining”
  • Turn contractors into employees
  • Reverse employment law changes and destroy NZ as a location for international film making
  • Ban companies that do not pay a “living wage” (which is much higher than the minimum wage) from winning government contracts

Halting Economic Growth

  • Ban seabed mining for minerals oil and gas
  • Ban fracking
  • A tax on aquaculture
  • Ban all coal mining
  • A mineral exports tax

Middle Class Welfare

  • 52 weeks paid parental leave (why stop there – go for 18 years I say!)
  • A universal child benefit so millionaires get paid money for having kids

Wimmins Issues

  • Require all private boards to comply with a 50% gender quota within five years
  • A gender quota for the House of Representatives (why not a race and sexual orientation quota also!)
  • That any NGO receiving even minimal government funding be required to have a 50% gender quota on its governing board!

Partnership between Maori and Pakeha

  • Compulsory Te Reo Maori until age 15
  • Insert the Treaty of Waitangi into the Constitution Act
  • Raise the age of Super to 67 – except for Maori!

Proving Socialism Works

  • That the Government should create state owned and managed retirement homes
  • Set up a state owned insurance company to compete with private insurers
  • Nationalisation of any partially sold assets

Someone has obviously told Rainbow Labour to bugger off as there is nothing for poofters. Rainbow Labour are having a big sook about this, but have been told that Saturday night is purple shirt night in their honour so are starting to feel a bit better about themselves. Though to be fair my Labour sources tell me that the Rainbow branch have gone all in with the conference organisation and spared no expense…the coffers are suffering as a result.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I hope the lazy National party MPs and officials read this stupid document and rip it into pieces and make it a laughing stock before the conference starts. This is a golden opportunity to educate the unwashed what will happen if these communists come any where near power in 2014.

    • cows4me

      Sir Cullen, did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? I would have thought you would be heralding these policies as a work of vision and promise?. But lets be honest, there’s not much hope for these imbeciles is there ?

  • Mitch82

    How’s the gender quota at The Truth going, WO?

    • Every employee of Truth has a gender, so Cameron is 100% on target.

    • Gazzaw

      You mean you want to see blokes on page 3 Mitch?

      • Mitch82

        Have em both, we’ll call it ‘Page 3 Birds And Bees’!

  • stanman

    compulsory Te Reo………fuck that

    My kids are so bloody overloaded with “protocol” and appeasing -be buggered if they should have to learn a language (when they should be taking worthy subjects) which has absolutely no recognition on the big map and will do them jack all -well unless they work for Winz or the Waitangi handouts commision

  • stinkeye

    What the fuck?

    “Require all private boards to comply with a 50% gender quota within five years”

    In our company, the CFO and most upper management are women and I highly commend them – they very much deserve the roles as they worked hard to achieve them and are some of the smartest people I have ever met.

    However, why should a company not chose the best person for their job regardless of gender? Should they chose a receptionist to be CEO just because shes a women?

    The only reason there is a “”glass ceiling” is because women want all the perks but rarely want to work hard to achieve them. Your average office is a prime example of it.

    Look at that mine in Aus which had an audit done and found women earned 25% less then men. The women screamed for blood so the upper management told them all that they had now been given pay rises etc – and they had to report to the mine entrance at 5am for training the next Monday to go down the mines like the men do.

    Guess how many showed up?

  • Alloytoo

    “That any NGO receiving even minimal government funding be required to have a 50% gender quota on its governing board!”
    So Breast cancer, rape and womans refuge’s need 50% men representation?

    • Lion_ess

      A couple of priests wouldn’t go astray either for contraception advice and spiritual guidance

  • JimboBug

    This living wage thing annoys the heck out of me. The easiest way to increase the money in poor workers’ pockets is to stop taxing them so much. A much simpler thing to do than try to force companies to pay them more so that you can tax them more (has anyone done any calcs on how much additional tax the government would get if everyone on minimum wage moved to a living wage – I’m sure it would enlighten us as to why they want it so much).

    If you give everyone a tax-free allowance equal to 40 hours a week of minimum wage then poor people won’t have money taken from them with one hand and given back to them with the other. Everybody would be better off (argh, tax cuts for the rich … we can’t have that) – but it could be equalised formulaicly to ensure that the benefit of the tax-free allowance gradually disappears as you earn more (phew, fat cats pay more tax … yippee).

    But then that goes against the ideals of a socialist client state where everybody is dependent upon state handouts so will continue to vote for more state handouts.

  • Liberty

    “Halting Economic Growth”

    A vain attempt to stop the bleeding of support to the greens.

    They forgot. Dairy farmers to be restricted to one house

  • unitedtribes

    If they go to the elections with a bunch of these policies at least we will see a clear distinction between left and right. Hopefully enlighten fog-heads a bit.

  • niggly

    Gosh, where to start picking all this apart? How about the “Halting Economic Growth” “ideas” (banning mining & drilling etc).

    Right, I’d be expecting nothing less than internecine warfare erupting between the likes of West Coast MP Damian O’Connor and the activists, with Damian telling them to fuck off to the Greens. Anything less or nothing at all, should then result in National reminding the West Coasters in 2014 that their Labour MP was a gutless wonder who said nothing whilst potential hundreds if not thoudands of jobs were put at risk.

    I’d expect the likes of Damian, if not the majority of Labour MP’s, to back Shane Jones, who has been mounting a one-man Labour Party crusade to grow the economy via mining and drilling, and then give the microphone to Shane as he’d relish being given the chance to tell the activists to fuck off.

    Then if this motion is passed, I’d like to know who in Labour will have the guts to go to Taranaki and tell the population there that their jobs are rooted because Labour will close down the energy industry. Then they can tell NZ that energy prices will rise rapidly as NZ becomes a net importer of energy.

    Seriously, how on earth do these loopy ideas get thru to even discussion stage? It demonstrates Labour is out of touch with NZ and growing the economy to pay for their middle class welfare, when silly ideas likes these make it on to the agenda, pushing out more pressing and serious agendas.

    Mind you I bet the wankers at the Standard are all for it!

  • CJA

    Hang on hang on. How do they expect to have a minerals export tax when mining has been banned? Or am I missing the point?

    • niggly

      Exactly! And you’re not missing the point at all – they have, and it just goes to highlight how dumb Labour look when they allow such loopy ideas to make it onto the agenda. I wonder how many hundreds of hours were wasted by the grass root activists & focus groups discussing and fine tuning all this?

  • blazer

    unbelievable attempting to discuss any initiatives like these.National are the true visionaries….’borrow and hope’!

    • In Vino Veritas

      These aren’t “initiatives” blazer, they’re socialist dogma. How can you say compulsory unionism is an initiative? Compulsory worker representation on Boards? Setting up a state owned insurance company? (now that one really does show Labour up as financially illiterate).

      • blazer

        topics for ‘consideration’ are they not.

        • In Vino Veritas

          remits for potential policy I think you’ll find blazer. But you claimed “initiatives”.

          • blazer


          • In Vino Veritas

            only if you dont understand the vast difference between the two.

        • Dave

          Blazer, true they are potential only, but the sheer fact they have even made a potential list shows what deluded fools and fiscal idiots the left really are. Please go back 10 years and look at what Greece and other similar countries did.

        • Karlos

          So this is a topic for consideration?
          Remit 42: Ports of Auckland
          THAT Ports of Auckland be required to be a good employer under the Local Government Act 2002 and that it be bound by the obligation to provide information to the public under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.
          Forcing an individual company to follow existing law (which they already do) is up for ‘consideration’ as a policy!!! FFS!!!

          • blazer

            I assume POA ignore and stonewall requests for information,a bit like the COO’s ,do not like public scrutiny ,might threaten the cosy sinecure.

      • blazer

        Its been proven the states in the U.S with strong union membership are the most profitable.Compulsory workers rep on boards is worth consideration…may help us/them mindset.State owned insurance coy…that would just be the acceptance that in reality private ones are dead in the water without govt guarantees anyway.Think AIG,and the various coys exposed to the Chch quake for compelling evidence.

    • CJA

      As opposed to borrow it spend it and then tax some more because you promised too much?

      • blazer

        interesting viewpoint ,considering taxes are direct and indirect…who increased GST ?Who finds it politically expedient to ignore the ever increasing burden of National Super?

        • CJA

          Blazer GST is actually a net neutral tax.

          • blazer

            I defer to your greater knowledge,but why does it exist then?

          • CJA

            That I do not know. When I say net neutral no doubt some tax is collected but it would not be a great deal. Here’s the Wiki on it but who knows if Wiki is right

          • grumpy

            Because it is usual to sell things for more than you paid for them FFS….

          • Dave

            grumpy That is true, unless your the labour party planning to give stuff away without ever considering who will pay for it. I’m amazed they havent included capital for a huge printing press so they can print their own money to give away.

          • grumpy

            Dave, maybe Labour is funded by GST refunds?

          • blazer

            plenty of examples that ,that is not the case.

          • Pokerface

            It exists as a paper trail for the IRD. Only the final customer doesn’t get to claim it back. It ensures that businesses give accurate figures to the IRD. Simply, you can’t claim back GST on goods and services you pretend not to have bought and sold.

          • blazer

            certainly a better answer than grumpys.Why would this paper trail tax be raised all the time…surely it would be alot simpler to have a flat say 5%.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    For a minute I thought I was reading the Green Party manifesto and a list of it’s wacko policies. I wonder how much the Greens influence Labour policy? Or are they just struggling with original ideas and are plagiarising the Green manifesto?

  • In Vino Veritas

    Treaty of Waitangi in the constitution. Thereby giving one race benefits that do not accrue to all others. Sort of like South Africa in the apartheid years.

    State Owned Insurance company. Excellent. Now, how do they cover their risk? By cross insuring with other international insurance companies, just like other international insurance companies do? If so, where do they expect to have a point of difference. It won’t be premiums if they cross insure. Giving payments faster? It’ll only last till their premiums have to rise to cover costs they are incurring. What muppets.

    Compulsory Maori till 15. Maori is utterly useless to every kid that learns it. Why don’t we make them learn say Mayan? Thats useless as well.

    Ban companies that dont pay a living wage. Whats that, and how is it calculated? Shareholders of companies have the right not to have the government interfere in the running of their business. The law is the regulator. Sheesh. I cant even go on, this stuff is such a mish mash of ill thought out dross. Intellectuals indeed. These clowns….. jesus, these fucking clowns. There, I’ve blasphemed and sworn.

    • Pokerface

      They’ll dress it up in a fur coat, and half the population will swallow it hook, line and sinker. I really worry for the next election. Will the National Party concede further ground to gather more votes, trying to ensure this doesn’t go ahead?

    • Magor

      Not quite – i think you mean the ‘rest of Africa’ where despots took over and crippled many countries

  • Dave

    This is precisely the main reason we left NZ to return to Aussie. The thought of A labour government even considering such things is very very worrying. If they by any chance get elected in 2014, Aussie has room for hardworking enterprising Kiwis. That should leave only labour supporters in NZ to stew in their own pathetic broth. Hey David’s, thinking bout that, when your NZ vision eventuates, who will be left to WORK to pay the taxes to support the bludgers??

    • farmboy

      the farmers of course dave ….oh wait

  • Dave

    I actually feel sorry for John key at the moment, his ribs must be aching from rolling on the floor laughing, if the Pinkos think he can be a comedian now, wait till the right costs these policy proposals and hands them back to labour.

  • Changeiscoming

    I am being very serious when I say this.
    With the above polices how can Labour be polling in the 30’s? It makes no sense to me, surely they should be single digits max!

  • DoomAndGloom

    Oh jeez…problem is I can actually see some of these loopy plans appealing to so many people out there, that is the scary part.

    2014…hung parliament, all the minor parties (yes that inlcudes you Labour), gang up and scrap to 52% of the vote. They each get some of their crazy policies in as a “condition” of working together. Labour gets it Unions running everything, Greens get no mining, and starts inquiries into everything imaginable, Mana gets cigarettes banned and increase in the dole, NZ first gets its disguised no more Asians policy through.

    2017…The country can no longer actually afford an election

  • stinkeye

    But what about genderqueers, cisgendered, whatever? Do men have to fight out the other %50 with this lot?

    • Vlad

      As I identified as cisgender in a previous post I absolutely have to let everybody know despite the weird & complicated descriptions cisgender = blokes who are blokes & like being blokes & who like girls. Just in case I sent out the wrong message. Not that the other genders can’t have a life, as long as they shut the f*ck up and and just get on with it.

  • Lion_ess

    Don’t we already have 18 years paid parental leave? Perhaps they’re planning on extending this to the birther, the sperm-donor and and step-fathers that happen along the way.