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Here are some images so you get the idea of what we are looking for.

The Koru Lounge at Auckland Airport:

On Air New Zealand:


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  • conwaycaptain

    The only styockist in Putaruru is the BP station. They get TWO copies and by 1100 they had been sold.
    Any chance of starting a subscription service and get it maioled out

    • Sooty

      You could get out of bed a little earlier in the mornings. Even just on a thursday at the crack of dawn.

      • Dumrse

        I seriously think you should leave Dawn out of this……

    • Pokerface

      I shall see a friend who lives in Putaruru on the w/end. If you are still looking, I could get her to pop one in your letterbox? :-)

      • conwaycaptain

        Thanks Pokerface but Doby Mick the GREAT White Whale is going to send me one.

        • Pokerface

          Saw that, cheers.

    • email me CC with your address

  • Gazzaw

    Too early for online subscriptions?

  • It’s worth an article on voter fraud? It wouldn’t fit the narrative here but if it’s The Truth..

    Democrats say America doesn’t need voter identification laws because
    there’s no evidence of election cheating. But when a candidate doesn’t
    get a single vote in 59 precincts, you’ve got to wonder.

    One candidate did just that last week in Philadelphia, where Mitt Romney was shut out 19,605-0 in 59 voting divisions.

    The Obama Justice Department might not be concerned about that, but
    one man who studies voting patterns is dubious. University of Virginia
    political scientist Larry Sabato told the Philadelphia Inquirer that it
    deserves scrutiny.

    “Not a single vote for Romney or even an error?” he asked. “That’s worth looking into.”

    Philadelphia is also where 75 legal and credentialed Republican
    election workers were blocked or removed from the polls on Election Day.
    And Pennsylvania is the Democratic state where a duly legislated voter
    ID law was blocked by a judge for the 2012 election.

    Romney was similarly blanked in nine precincts in nationally pivotal
    and heavily Democratic Cuyahoga County, Ohio, centered on Cleveland,
    where he did even worse than third-party candidates.

    Seem impossible? Yes, it does. And that’s not just our opinion. Rich
    Exner, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s data analysis editor, said he
    doesn’t find the shutout credible.

    Equally as implausible were the turnouts in Democratic strongholds
    that either exceeded the number of registered voters or the voting-age

    It’s possible for voter participation to exceed the number of
    registered voters — new residents and unregistered voters can register
    on Election Day and vote. But it’s unlikely when the average voter
    turnout has been 64% in the last two presidential contests.

    Yet that happened in, yes, Pennsylvania, where Republican Gov. Tom
    Corbett has complained that some precincts voted at more than 100%.

    Even more unlikely is turnout surpassing the voter-age population.
    But that happened in two counties in Colorado, a state won by Obama.

    Despite all the smoke strongly suggestive of fire, left-wing
    publication Mother Jones ran a headline in August that read “UFO
    Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud,” which sums up nicely the
    Democrats’ cavalier attitude toward the issue.

    They’re not even interested in the United Nations’ election
    observers’ surprise that Americans can vote without proving their
    identity. Same with the Obama supporter who said last week on Facebook
    that he’d voted four times in North Carolina and was planning to vote
    once more. Nothing to see there.

    Though Obama won last week, he lost in all four states that strictly
    require would-be voters to present photographic identification before
    receiving a ballot. Imagine what would happen if just half the states
    required photo ID. The game would be over for Democrats.

    Read More At IBD:

    • Bunswalla

      FFS pal why don’t you just suck it up and learn to live with the fact that Rmoney LOST the election? I’m stunned that you didn’t menion the voting “machine” that was shown on TV changing a voter’s clearly expressed intention to vote for Obama into a vote for Romney? It did it every time – I wonder how many extra votes that delivered to your losing candidate?
      How surprising you didn’t mention Florida’s hanging chads that allowed Jeb Bush to gift his bro the presidency in defiance of the popular vote, just a few elections ago.
      But no, that doesn’t fit with your narrative, does it? The only way that the voting system in America is wrong is if it upsets the Republicans. Pathetic, sad, and undignified.

      • You say two wrongs make a right. You say potential injustice should be tolerated. Other elections are not what we are talking about here. Obama is something else. Something to be prevented. Much like the Greens here. Romney wouldn’t be much better – but he’s not the US’s enemies’ friend. Get real buddy.

        • Bunswalla

          “Get real buddy” – guess what pal? The election’s over. Obama won. You lost. Suck it up.
          I never said two wrongs make a right – I pointed out the hypocrisy of you bleating about imaginary wrongs when you should really look at your own campaign and candidate to see where it all turned to custard.
          It’s a wee bit late to try and “prevent Obama” – he’s in power still, and you should thank yourself lucky that that’s the case.

          • My campaign, my candidate, my loss? I hate the Republicans almost as much. It’s the world’s loss. But the upside is that it will blow up on President B.O. — and he won’t be able to blame the last guy!!

          • Bunswalla

            Yes you hate the Republicans but your lengthy diatribe was about Democrat “vote fraud” with not one mention of dodgy Republican behaviour.
            Next Tui advert?

          • Bring on Benghazi.

        • Mitch82

          You should really look into Romney a little harder before crying about fraud. Look at how he got nominated so ‘cleanly’ at the RNC. Do some googling on the financial interest he holds in companies producing the voting machines.