Len Brown, Labour and Affordable Housing

Cactus Kate has posted on Labour’s affordable housing answers.  She thinks based on Trevor Mallard’s comments that Labour define owning your own home to include apartments.  Oh won’t their young Gen-Y bludgers love that.  Kate Sutton can buy an apartment as her second home purchase.

They lie empty or with foreigners living in them.  They do so because New Zealanders hate them and the banks will therefore not lend much money against them.  The best reason why can be exhibited at Scene 3 apartments.  Anne Gibson did a story recently that showed the problem

Leasehold land issues are being blamed for the bargain price on the 130sq m northwest-facing apartment on the 16th floor of Scene 3 at 30 Beach Rd.
The unit has an Auckland Council CV of $625,000 and was passed in at auction for $300,000. It has now sold for $330,000.
This is an affordable house under Mallard’s description above.  Close to all public transport and large enough for a family to live in.

Mallard must be taking his lead from Len Brown and Penny Hulse whom I blogged on their “do as I say not as I do” lines

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse is doing her boss’s bidding in Granny Herald, arguing for shit-box apartmentsaround train stations:

“A simple example. A refurbished train station will benefit existing homes and businesses. But if we enable more homes – and a wider choice of housing – near that station, along with more business development, more retail and other local facilities, then the bang gained from our buck will be far greater.”

The only time you will find a Labour or Green MP in an apartment is for a quick dirty root or when the taxpayer funds the rent in Wellington.

Apartment ownership is for “other people”.


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  • notrotters

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt and so is Penny Hulse.

  • Honcho

    if you had included this from Cactus Kate, then it would be quite clear why kiwi’s hate apartments

    “One unit’s fees

    Unit 1601, Scene 3, 30 Beach Rd:
    * Body corp levy $4659 a year
    * Rates: $2202.39
    * Ground rent now: $2000 a year
    * Ground rent (best-case) $6000 a year
    * Ground rent (worst-case) $23,000 a year.
    Total outgoing fees: Between $12,861 and $29,861 a year”

    I would live in an apartment, but it would be a rental, no way in hell would I buy one and I detest any politician who wants to force me into any arrangment like the one qouted above

    • GregM

      My One:
      2 Bdrm, 65 Sq m,with carpark and lockup, freehold, $280k
      Body corp $3877pa (includes water)
      Rates $1822.35

      Ground rent-nil.

      Shop around, there are some bargains to be found at the moment.

  • GregM

    Apartments do have their advantages, I certainly enjoy living in one, and make a bit of dough renting others out.
    Some advise. NEVER buy leasehold, especially in Auckland, the older buildings are mostly bigger and better quality apartments, and the ROI on a renter is still around 7%.
    Good quality buildings such as metropolis etc are the way to go, not concrete boxes like Zest or Volt . They are a blight on the city scape.

  • stinkeye


    “Mr Brown has established a “consensus building group” costing $1.1
    million under the guidance of environmentalist and political activist
    Guy Salmon to try to persuade the Government to support one or more
    funding options”

    What the hell? He paid $1.1mil of OUR money to an activist JUST to ask the government nicely, who will say no?

    This needs to stop. Rates go up, to pay for this bullshit.

    $1.1 million, fuck I’d do it for a grand.

  • Alex

    Apartments are not taken seriously and would provide a neat solution for the housing under supply. I, along with lots of my single and coupled friends without kids, would dearly love to get a good sized well-built apartment. I currently have a do-it-upper first home; I’m too career focussed to find the time and energy to pay enough attention to the house. I’d love a low maintenance apartment, and I think a couple with kids would love my house.. The problem here in Wellington (and I understand the problem is worse in Auckland) is that apartments are divided into two types: slummy shitholes or palatial abodes. Very little in between, and what is there is very closely held. And even if I did find one, the banks wouldn’t allow a mortgage. Poor council planning is to blame.

  • Vlad

    Leasehold apartments or houses anywhere in NZ are a complete, total fail, and anyone who buys one is nuts. Even if they are owned by religious do-gooder trusts as some are, the trustees are bound to care for the interests of the trusts and you, pensioner or profiteer, will be screwed by increases in ground rents. Plus most of the newer ones have management contracts with associates of the rorting developers who built them, so if the ground rent don’t get ya, the management fees will.

    • Gazzaw

      Ask the home owners who have properties bordering Cornwall Park about the disadvantages of ‘buying’ leasehold homes. Ground rents increased so much at the last review that the residents have purchased land elsewhere and literally moved their houses out of the area.

  • Dave Broad

    These days it’s not only apartments. “Building” is for other people.

  • dyannt

    What’s the point in having appartments built near a train station? I wouldn’t want to live in the heart of a city unless I had a job there. Hence, no need for a train to take me somewhere else.

  • conwaycaptain

    When I 1st came to NZ and was looking to buy a property I was warned never to buy a leasehold as the ground rent might look good now but in several years time it could double. Also the banks dont like lending on tyhem/

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “They lie empty or with foreigners living in them”

    Translation: Those dirty filthy fucking foreigners! Has someone been channeling Winston?