Manufacturing news the Fairfax/Union way

Here is an example of what journalism has come to

There’s a poll too which has given the paper the desired result.

The National-led Government, which has been in charge of the country during Southland’s worst unemployment rate in more than a decade, has turned down the opportunity to attend a political debate to try to jumpstart the region’s economy.

Council of Trade Unions Southland convener Anna Huffstutler said about 300 job cuts and displacements throughout the region by major employers, including New Zealand Aluminium Smelters and Alliance, had prompted the council to organise the Southland economy debate next month.

The aim was to highlight the Government’s role in the region’s economy but it was disappointing every invitation she sent to members of the National Party was turned down citing “previous engagements”.

Right so the Labour party affiliate the CTU organises a “debate”…then gets mad when the government tells them to sling their hook. Then the Southland Times cut/pastes a union press release prints a story with a loaded survey too boot.

For the benefit of this ‘journalist’.

The CTU is not an objective and impartial political participant.

This is worse than the Herald on Sunday running LAbour flunkies as impartial and hard done by house hunters.


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  • Phar Lap

    The real truth in Southland,especially the smelter,the bonus for all of NZ would be if the smelter was closed down.Electricity charges throughout the nation would be much cheaper.Electricity users heavily subsidise the Australian owned Rio Tinto smelter.Surely even the Kelly gang union CTU would know that ,or like most unions its all about the union officials.

    • cows4me

      I note Rio Tinto is in talks with Mercury Energy on trying to fix a suitable lower price for power or they may pack their bags and leave if a “suitable” price can not be agreed to . Where’s Whale when you need him, more bludging here Whale, big business being subsidised by the the taxpayer, better add Rio Tino to the list.

      • Gazzaw

        Rio Tinto play this game of brinksmanship every time the electricity contract comes up for renewal. The hard fact is that the NZ power supply is cheaper & far more reliable than the union dominated coal-fired power industry in Queensland. Why did they position themselves at Bluff in the first place? Aluminium smelters cannot operate without continuity of power.

        • Mediaan

          Exactly. We should be checking what the best price they would pay for power elsewhere would be. (Sky high, it would be.)

          Rio Tinto would have among the smartest negotiators in the world.

          Southland people are hard working, well educated, dedicated types who give any employer good value and I can recommend them.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    And I count 150 jobs for Southland on Trademe.

    Could it be, oh I dunno, the fact that businesses which where supplied from manufacturers in Christchurch haven’t been functioning too well?

    I find it absolutely ironic that Labour and unions push so hard for employment yet smother businesses with useless red tape and the mess that is the Employment court? Why the hell would you employ someone these days? If they get pregnant, you pay. If they call you a “fuckwit” like a certain bus driver called her boss, you have to pay them out. It’s messed up.

    Oh, and good luck trying to use the 90 day “trial” – the useless employee will take you to the cleaners.

  • Petal

    What baffles me is that the left keeps complaining that the MSM is so right-wing!

    I must conclude that the MSM must be doing a reasonable job of balancing its content politically when we have left AND right complaining? ;)

    • In Vino Veritas

      Why wouldnt the left complain Petal? The more they complain, the more a self fulfilling prophecy their complaints become. Have a look at some of the quality (or lack thereof) of current “journalism”. Whale has highlighted several articles about well known Labour/Green Party activists which negative to the Government. None of these articles mention any conflict the subjects may have. The article about Kate Sutton is a case in point. And it appears to be happening more and more regularly.

  • conwaycaptain

    Manapouri is paid for. The smelter accounts for a MINUTE % of world aluminium supply and the plant is OLD. I was on the Bulknes running there in 74!!! so it is nearly 50 years old. If it closed down then the power cost in NZ would plummett.
    The bauxite goes from Weipa in the NT to Gladstone to be made into Alumina then to Bluff to be made into aluminium and then to Japan/China.

  • Sarrs

    Meh, the whole ‘Southland job crises’ is a bit of a beat up. There’s plenty of jobs and if you can’t get one you want, SIT is free and has one of the best trade schools in the country. Their business school is ok (probably just educational snobbery on my part, it could be excellent) but their qualifications are now accepted by NZICA which is no mean feat. They also churn out a lot of nurses who seem competent.

    Fonterra at Edendale employ a lot of people too and they’re still going, along with expanding onsite. There’s a brand new rest home being built that looks quite huge so there’ll be jobs in that. Remember that sheep meat processing has only stopped at Mataura, Lorneville is still going and will need to employ at least half of those displaced by redundancy.

    • Sarrs

      Don’t get me wrong though, Rio Tinto closing for good will probably kill off any part of the Southland economy that isn’t related to dairy farming. I’m really torn about this – I guess the cost of the electricity needs to be compared to the cost of however many people (1000s) would be going on the dole if they did close. WFF payments would increase for those who could find work because it wouldn’t be as well paid. Southport and Bluff would struggle to remain profitable without the shipping and then Bluff would die. I just don’t know if the knock-on effect of a Rio Tinto closure has been thoroughly investigated. Has an employer in NZ that provides 2400 fte’s ever closed down before?

  • toby_toby

    Only an idiot believes that a debate (talkfest) will do anything to create jobs, and only an idiot National politician would front up to that debate which would be nothing more than an excuse for slagging off the govt.