Name the Union pedo enabler

The NZEI has a field officer and staff member in the Far North who thinks their job is to cover for pedos. They need to be outed:

Ms Lovatt Davis claimed police did not follow up at the time and told the Heraldthat a meeting took place between her, Parker and a union representative – who she described as a “field officer” from teachers’ union the New Zealand Educational Institute, but who also was on staff at Pamapuria.

That meeting was not about the girlfriend’s allegation because Ms Lovatt Davis said she’d only told the police and a board member about it. The meeting discussed Parker’s registration, specifically that he wasn’t meeting the standards to become a fully registered teacher.

Parker brought up the fact that she had called police, Ms Lovatt Davis said.

“The NZEI field officer received all her news from Jamie and from Jamie supporters,” Ms Lovatt Davis said.

“The report from his girlfriend was not an allegation of sexual abuse. It was a story she told that seemed to need an investigation and a reminder to Jamie to guard his professionalism. I believe he used our discipline meeting [with the NZEI field officer] to accuse me of taking an embittered girlfriend’s vicious story too seriously. Once they had reunited, she saw no need to pursue the story.

“I would suggest that NZEI field officers are not drawn directly from the wider community. The field officer should be an impartial person, free from the town gossip. In Kaitaia the gossip ran against me and pro Jamie. She bought it all and dressed me down in that meeting. Both of them did. It was very unpleasant.”

Yesterday a spokeswoman for the NZEI said an investigation was under way. Asked whether it would look at what the union knew about the allegation surrounding Parker in 1999, she said: “NZEI is conducting an internal investigation into the comments made by Ms Lovatt Davis.”


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  • Honcho

    NZEI internal investigation? $10 says it will involve finding the ‘field rep’ if they dont already know, then giving them a solid well done on holding rank and not being a ‘nark’

  • Mark

    I am aware that Ms Lovatt Davis was absolutely crucified by dumb gullible parents who got sucked in by Parker. Those parents owe her a massive apology.

    • Random66

      … and their children.

    • Lion_ess

      Yes, there is that but I wonder too about the parents who didn’t find anything strange in a male teacher having male students staying over at his house for the night.

  • Mohawk Genocide

    The NZ police swear to serve the head of an organization with direct links to the worst child abusers on the planet.

    • Bunswalla

      Who would those be?

      • Mohawk Genocide

        The Catholic, Anglican, are United churches were involved in systematic abuse of Canadian natives (Mohawk, Squamish, etc) in residential schools. The abuse resulted in the death of an estimated 50000 children.

        Liz Windsor honoured Jimmy Savile with a knighthood. Savile was named by English police as one of the country’s worst child sex predators.

        Jersey, a Crown dependency, is home to the so-called Jersey house of horrors, Haut de la Garene.

        The argument that Liz didn’t know about institutional child abuse isn’t tenable because members of her family have been head a church that participated in systematic abuse since the late 1800’s.

        • Bunswalla

          That’s like saying you have direct links to the worst child abusers on the planet, because you recommended someone go and kick the police in the nuts. HM The Queen enabled child abuse by giving Jimmy Savile a knighthood? That’s ridiculoous – do you think the Queen decides who gets gongs and who doesn’t? You need to wise up.

          There’s no question the Catholic Church are the worst abusers of children especially young boys on many levels. The Queen has no connection whatsoever with the Catholic Church – she is the head of the Church of England a.k.a. Anglicans.
          According to the ITCCS website these crimes – and they were real and despicable, don’t get me wrong – were overwhelmingly perpetuated by Catholic and Protestant-run Residential Indian schools.
          There are plenty of targets for anger on that score – but the Queen and the NZ Police? No.

          • Mohawk Genocide

            Shut the fuck up, liar.

          • Bafacu

            So good to see you debating with logic and persuasive arguments based on fact.

          • Mohawk Genocide

            There is no point in arguing with a liar, they just make shit up when it suits them.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Teachersrock? Is that you?

          • Mohawk Genocide


          • Bunswalla

            And that’s what passes for intelligent debate in the leftard community these days.
            * sighs, again *

  • A union member and a spineless woman…now there’s a surprise.

    Not to take anything away from the accountability of the offenders, but if more women took their blinkers off and accepted that this stuff happens, that is a possibility, as opposed to hiding behind their white picket fences of oblivion, then less men would get the opportunity to do this & any form of abuse.

    This woman was no worse than the mothers of the children who became this man’s prey. It was completely irresponsible to allow their kids to stay at his place. School camps & activities are one thing, but out of school hours is another.

    This woman, the parents, the Teacher’s Council & the Board all share equal responsibility in terms of failing to recognise the predator under their nose. By all accounts there seemed to be enough warnings.

    You cant stop bad people doing bad things, but (with the exception of random stranger stuff) you can certainly prevent them coming into your lives.

    Many (I wouldn’t say most) men are good decent honourable men, but would I always assume that, would I throw the dice with my child’s emotional & physical wellbeing? No way.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Kiddie fiddlers are expert brownnosers and manipulators.

    If you are dealing wth them and want to rush to their defense you have to have the insight to take a step back and ask yourself if you are being played.

  • tarkwin

    At least Ms Lovatt Davis has said something and forced the NZEI in to action. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Is this standard practice when the NZEI receive a complaint? Why didn’t the Police act? Did they take advise from the NZEI? Would you trust the NZEI to do an impartial investigation? At the risk of sounding like the Greens, I think we need a full and independent investigation here.

  • lm

    Lovatt Davis said the NZEI field officer was deputy principal at Pamapuria at the time and offered Parker a job there. We need to be asking cops how come the police youth aid officer Lovatt-Davis reported her concerns to, merely shoved Parker around in the school carpark and left it at that. The old country-cop-take-em-out-the-back-and-kick-em-in-the-pants-routine doesn’t work with hebephiles, appently. Quelle surprise…

    • Mark

      Yes, I heard Camplin wasn’t overly friendly with him …