New drone targets identified

Whoopsy…a Taliban boss has just made sure Obama’s drones will have plenty of new work:

Somewhere out there, Mullah Omar must be shaking his head.

In a Dilbert-esque faux pax, a Taliban spokesperson sent out a routine email last week with one notable difference.He publicly CC’d the names of everyone on his mailing list.

The names were disclosed in an email by Qari Yousuf Ahmedi, an official Taliban spokesperson, on Saturday. The email was a press release he received from the account of Zabihullah Mujahid, another Taliban spokesperson. Ahmedi then forwarded Mujahid’s email to the full Taliban mailing list, but rather than using the BCC function, or blind carbon copy which keeps email addresses private, Ahmedi made the addresses public.

“Taliban have included all 4 of my email addresses on the leaked distribution list,” tweeted journalistMustafa Kazemi, a prolific Kabul-based tweeter with more than 9,500 followers. “Quite reassuring to my safety.”

The list, made up of more than 400 recipients, consists mostly of journalists, but also includes an address appearing to belong to a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator, several academics and activists, an l Afghan consultative committee, and a representative of Gulbuddein Hekmatar, an Afghan warlord whose outlawed group Hezb-i-Islami is believed to be behind several attacks against coalition troops.

The Taliban routinely send out press releases to their mailing list, often claiming responsibility for attacks against Afghan and coalition targets. They are known for exaggerating casualty figures.

In recent weeks, the Taliban have increased the number of emails they send out, growing from just a handful every week, to several per day. Most of the emails are sent from Ahmedi’s account. The increase coincides with the end of the annual Taliban fighting season, prompting one local journalist to joke, “I guess when fighting season ends, emailing season begins.”



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  • Guest

    You can imagine the email traffic now:

    “Qari Yousef, you fool, not the hotmail account – I use those for the adult pix only! Fatima will find out!”
    “Haj Ahmedi, since your big mistake I’ve been inundated with emails offering to make my penis like a club of steel.”
    “Good news on the money laundering front, we have some new friends in Nigeria who can help us”
    “Good morning, this is the CIA. We feel for you – we thought we had email integrity issues with our boss! Good to know we aren’t the only ones. PS – duck.”

  • Mediaan

    They need our Internal Affairs, with a budget of two billion a year for superintending NZ government electronic communications, in there. They did such a good job on Education and Welfare.

    • Neil

      GCSB could do with internal personnel upskilling – maybe not rely on the Private Sector to know anything.

      • Mediaan

        The mind boggles at what it might be like in there. (How would we know?)

        But who on earth, from where, might be brought in to teach them?

        Interestingly, the American solution to any worries about competence in the secret intelligence sector (if I may call it that) seems to be, “Create a new intelligence agency”. At any rate, that is what has been going on. I believe they now have 17 of them. (Which would fully occupy at least 80% of the attention of those within, competing with each other, one presumes.)

  • cows4me

    They must have gone to the same IT school as the clowns in Liarbore.

    • Neil

      Or the public service of this country – How are Labour included?

      • cows4me

        Neil I believe our friends on the left had such slack systems that their donors and their addresses were available for anyone with few computer skills to see. Do you not recall this scandle, mind you there have been so many.