Oh look another Labour flunky paraded by the Herald with a sorrowful story

Kate Sutton is in the Herald on Sunday moaning about not being able to find a house…despite the fact she already owns one.

he couple have been house-hunting for seven months, have looked at 150 homes and have been outbid at four auctions.

But even with a good deposit and a budget of between $600,000 and $700,000, the desperate couple are still flatting in an Onehunga property Sutton and her brother own.

Here’s a thought, why doesn’t she buy her brother out? Or perhaps seek budgeting tips from Jacinda Ardern who has managed to recently buy and “affordable house”.

It makes me angry that the major newspapers fall for what can only be described as an orchestrated campaign by Labour to have “woe is me” stories plastered all over them.

Oliver Mannion might find life improves considerably if he entered the workforce properly instead of living a bludgers life studying sociology. Even worse, his boss is a certain Peter Davis.

And why didn’t Kate get dibs on a nice house in Stonefields when she was working for the developer?

The couple said they were not being unrealistic in what they wanted and had been looking at traditionally affordable suburbs of Onehunga, Blockhouse Bay, Mangere Bridge and Avondale.

The couple had noticed price jumps in the past six months and they have had to increase their budget in the hope of securing a home.

“We are kicking ourselves we didn’t buy six months ago because houses that would have gone for $650,000 are now going for $700,000,” Sutton said.

They just need to look farther afield…for their budget you can easily get a 4 bedroom?place?in Flat Bush that is brand new.

Nice of them to suggest Labour’s policy as a possible solution. But then she would wouldn’t she being a constant candidate for Labour.

They said the situation in Auckland was so bad the Government needed to introduce a capital gains tax if there was to be any relief for buyers.

Has anyone looked at Sydney’s property market? They have capital gains tax…hasn’t stopped prices rising. It’s what happens to cities. The Herne Bays of Sydney have an entry level like $10 million despite tthe capital gains tax.

Just because these Labour flunkies ?cannot live in their ecletic fasionable suburbs they blame the government. These stories would be a tad more believable if they didn’t constantly trot out Labour party flunkies.