Onya, Mark Unsworth. Onya

Government relations consultant Mark Unsworth has taken exception to Massey University’s environmental scientist Dr Mike Joy wading into the “100% Pure” debate waging around the New York Times article earlier this week.

Unsworth wrote in an email to Joy:

 “You guys are the foot and mouth disease of the tourism industry. Most ordinary people in NZ would happily have you lot locked up,” he wrote.

“You may not care given your tenure in a nice comfy university lounge, but to others this affects income and jobs.

 “Give that some thought next time you feel the need to see your name in print in New York. And possibly think of changing your name from Joy to Misery – its more accurate [sic].”

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  • maninblack

    That man deserves a DB.

  • that man deserves a DB!

  • Shoreboy57

    And that goes for the MSM flunkies who felt the need to give oxygen to kill-Joy

  • Gazzaw

    Joy should be taken out and shot at dawn for economic sabotage. Fuckers like him have no comprehension of what it is like for small tourism operators who have mortgaged their all to secure the equity to run a fishing, hunting, jetboat, cycling, alpine activity. As if they don’t have enough to contend with in terms of currency, airline strikes, weather, eruptions, earthquakes they now have to put up with being ambushed by this prick who has probably never had a real job in his life. The biggest transformation for him has been from sitting behind a desk to standing in front of one.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Shot is a bit harsh Gazzaw. However, Unsworth has said what many are thinking. Joy is spreading misery. I would council however, that this is just the beginning for the Greens (just remember, Euginie Sage has been involved in this sort of thing as well). They will bad mouth NZ as much as they can as they are fanatics, and the end justifies the means.

      • If you are full of Joy are you gay as well?

        • In Vino Veritas

          Are you a raving lunatic let loose on a computer? I’m not sure what your actual question is Bob, nor why you would ask it.

  • Evan

    I’ve met Mr …Joy socially. He is as miserable in attitude to the world in general as you’d suspect. Ever seen the guy wearing the sandwich board shouting “the end is nigh!”? that’s a reasonable likeness.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Basically another unemployable academic.

  • Pita

    Joy, like the Greens, needs to broaden his understanding of the word pure. In it broadest sense it is greater than “clean”, and all of them can be applied to the New Zealand experience.

  • Mickrodge

    And the little tattle tale himself Wussel couldn’t wait to throw it up on FB.

    Despicable little cretin that he is.

  • stinkeye

    Watch this go down badly. Good to see someone with balls for once.

  • Neil

    I got the impression it was him that contacted the New York Times in the first place – they probably only ran it ‘cos he made it sound so bad, especially with the Hobbit coming up nothing like the MSM to grab a story that “wrote itself’

  • swindle

    I’m happy for tourism to take a hit if it means something is done about the bludging farmers.

  • sheppy

    He deserves a medal!

  • tarkwin

    Dr Kiljoy must belong to the Greens. Destroying the economy is their mission in life.

    • Anna

      Destroying the environment will destroy the economy. That’s just commonsense.

  • cows4me

    So if the people of NZ pay this bundle of Joy shouldn’t we be allowed to sack the fucker also. If this clown is the product of higher learning long may I stay as thick as two strainer posts.

    • Troll Alert !

      Cows4me , to ask the expert , is it true that cow shit is more liquid than it used to be , and can it be dried and burnt as in subsistence economies ? This is a serious question , as sheep shit doesn’t seem to be a problem .

      • cows4me

        Depends on their diet Troll. Springtime grass is lush but has high water content so shit usually runny. Later summer grass tends to be more rank or has a higher fibre content, shit dryer , harder. Winter cows usually held behind electric fences and given small amounts of pasture but are fed large quantities of hay, shit dry and hard. Probably shit more fluid these days as farmers try to feed their stock well and pasture and it’s management is much different these days. As for been burnt , of course but it has to be well dried but where they use cow dung for fuel they usually live in a hot region of the world, so this is not an issue.It boils down to what the cows eat in the same way some things will make you shit and some things will bind you up.

  • beachview

    Dr (ummm) “Joy” once told me that we would be better to stop consuming cow milk products and instead consume human breast milk… Im just wondering how that would work??

    • Oh good grief, please tell me he isn’t one of those Peta idiots?
      I’ve seen them suggesting that we should start making icecream from breastmilk only.
      (still better than heather mills suggesting we could replace cows with rats to get our milk supplies.)

  • Anna

    Here’s an idea: instead of blaming the people who report on the fact that we aren’t clean and green, how about blaming those who make us not clean and green?

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