Watching some New Zealand television reporters has made me angry in the past but so much as I’d want to give them a smack in the head:

Nestor Dib was reporting for C5N on the anti-government protests in Buenos Aires on November 8 when he was hit by Nicolas Ayuso.

The news camera captured the moment that Ayuso came behind Mr Dib whilst he was reporting and punched him in the side of the head.

Ayuso dragged Mr Dib off camera with his arm around the victim’s head. Off camera, Mr Dib managed to break free from Ayuso’s grasp.

Police arrested Ayuso shortly after the incident. Mr Dib received a black eye but kept on reporting.


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  • jaundiced

    Hah! And the immediate response was the cameras coming out! The media eat their own.

  • rouppe

    What a coward. Not even the guts to front the person they’re going to hit