People are Stupid,Ctd

This guysshould have more time added to his sentence, for wasting the court’s time and for being a cock.

New Zealand’s most notorious stalker has appealed his latest prison sentence saying he got confused about who he was stalking and lavished undue attention on the wrong woman.

Glenn Green is serving a 30-month sentence for two counts of criminal harassment, offending he began three weeks after getting out of prison in 2011.

Green, 42, aka Glenn Corleone, Goldberg, Carlionne, Casellano and Holden, appealed his sentence at the High Court in Auckland yesterday saying the judge had erred by giving him the same sentence for both his victims, when he had actually stalked one of the women much worse than the other.

Oh FFS, what a creep. Why can’t we have inventive sentences like a good beating with a golfball inside a sock?


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  • peterwn

    In England it was quite normal for judges to boost sentences following frivolous appeals – Lord Chief Justice Goddard being one of the main exponents. When he retired, the number of such appeals greatly increased – until the lawyers realised that his successor Lord Parker was not going to be a soft touch either.

  • toby_toby

    A beating is too good for him. He’s an oxygen thief and should probably just be pushed out of a plane over the ocean.

  • stinkeye

    So the judge should give him a harsher sentence for the more intense one – problem solved! He gets what he wants and so do we.