Please Explain Jacinda, Clare?

On Thursday at the  NZ Music Awards Socialist Cindy aka Jacinda Ardern was in attendence and tweeted:

That is interesting given the timing of it. Was she tweeting her support of their music… or was she ‘heart’ing their attack on John Key.

Clare Curran joined in:

Presumably they think dropping teh c-bomb and telling John key to suck their dicks is classy humour in the Labour party.

But if not then they must have been ‘heart’ing their music – which are songs about welfare fraud, drug abuse, and alcoholism is it that the opposition spokeswoman on Social Development likes?

Most of the songs by this band are all about hating the Government, scamming WINZ and deliberately knocking up their girlfriends so they can get the DBP…

There’s talk of the DPB, getting paid by WINZ, and dodging the bullet when your dole officer tries to make you look for a job.

Initially, the subject matter might be a bit hard to swallow for some audiences – songs about living on the benefit, being an alcoholic and taking deadly drugs like datura are placed prominently at the start of the album and could come across as flippantly celebratory.

And I’m blazed like its just another saturday

The plan appraised, I don’t care I’m on ecstasy

Sit and dis KFC as we lick our lips, and smile as the chicken drips off our finger tips

Nice to see Labour’s Social Development spokesperson endorses classic bludging behaviour ably supported by labour social media guru.


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  • Mighty1

    Cindy is a NASTY piece of work, But don’t be surprised its just the true idealogy of the Nasty Party. Keep the masses Phucked on Drugs and Alcohol and you can keep sucking from the trough.

    • TEO

      Exactly, it was vodka in the USSR – and now cannabis in NZ – that is the opiate of the masses. ‘Stupify and Control’ is the true mantra of the left.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Fuck me no wonder this country is going to the dogs, if this lot get in I swear I’m leaving – being one of the few people who pay a net positive on tax

    • Dave

      going to the dogs or GONE the handout mentality and treaty settlements are the 2 main reasons I left The Nats are doing a great job but beware of a sharp U turn after a fork in the road in 2014.

  • conwaycaptain

    Cindy is to the left of Karl Marx!!!

    • Mostly_Harmless

      True – Marx would have dismissed Homebrew as lumpenproletarians.

    • Dr wang

      @conwaycaptain: Yeah maybe, but Karl couldn’t eat an apple through a tennis racquet though.

  • Whafe

    2 classic hypocrites from the Liabour Party, whom have no real understanding of what their diatribe means or does….

    These 2 MP’s whom we pay their wages need to learn a little about social media!

  • Spiker

    How about a weekly round up of dumb arse tweets & assorted smog’s in each weeks Truth?

  • Morgy

    Home Brew Crew or at least their white lead rapper who just wishes he was black and from the streets of LA were disgraceful. The F bomb, the C bomb was heard far too many times. The organisers of this ‘shindig’ need to take more control over these wannabes. To have Cindy and Curran then praising them? Jesus wept! The whole thing was embarrassing especially when you had the graceful Kimbra and the very smooth Six60 constantly showing their class when receiving awards and moreso when they performed. I would love to know if the organisers pulled the dicks aside and told them there won’t be a next time for you or did they all yell WAASSSUPP?? whilst contorting their fingers into some symbol of ‘gee I wish’ DICKS! HBC and the bints

    • Whafe

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. If this is what is being portrayed as cool to NZ Youth, we are far more in the shit than I first thought…..

      And clearly these clown pants MP’s are all in favour of this behaviour…..

  • TEO

    Home Brew were a total embarrassment at the awards. No wonder we have such high suicide/abortion/crime rates if they’re role models for NZ youth. I hope that Eminem-wannabe rapper of their’s never sees another cent of NZ On Air (music on welfare) money.

    • TEO

      And shame on Labour for supporting such disfunctional criminals. What is it with the left championing evil idiots, like Krim Dotcom? Anyone who supports the creative industries should want to see that thief on the next flight to Guantanamo Bay.

  • cows4me

    We should be grateful these brain dead commie’s aren’t still in power, this band would have arts grant written all over it.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Don’t cringe Kiwis. Get used to this. These two are your future ministers.

  • that would have to be one of the saddest things i have seen lately.

    talk about a disconnect from society.

    these kids dont deserve to be in the spotlight. there are much more decent people who are hard working that deserve our respect.

    And as for that rap band…theyre just as bad.

  • pukakidon

    If their music was any good I would make sure I down load it for free from a thief like Dot Com because they support him and his theft of IP. However it is a pile of shit that is only appealing to the 29% of turd lickers that voted left in this country.

    • Tristanb

      NZ bands don’t need to sell albums. They get given money by NZ on Air.

      Clare Curran, in official Labour Party policy, talks about putting a levy on internet use and giving it directly to NZ music corporations.

      She is a foul, disgusting, evil woman.

      • parorchestia

        Really! Do you have any refs or links? This would destroy music since it disengages the bands from their audience and all you get then is weird, as in much of art.

  • Tristanb

    Clare Curran is an old craggy old lady. Grow up you wrinkly weirdo. You are not cool. You are sad and pathetic.

    • pukakidon

      She is the typical Mutton trying to dress like lamb. You can only laugh at their pathetic attempts to come across as “Cool” to the dumbarse portion of youth.

  • Gazzaw

    This is all very ‘much ado about nothing’. Shearer being the forceful leader that he is will take Curran & Ardern aside on Monday and give them such a dressing down that it will be a long time before they dare appear on social media again.

  • LR

    That lot is lower than shark shit

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  • How timely that you’re going mainstream Cameron – now you can make sure this stuff gets onto MSN so people know without question that Labour is illiterate, crass, tasteless, stands for dirty politics and has no issue with people pissing around on the benefit.

    As a New Zealander and a fan of Ben Harper I was embarrassed that those tools were invited to perform.