Pommy Bastards Come Good

It looks like the pommy bastards have finally come good and are talking of leaving the EU.

Half of British voters would chose to leave the European Union if they were offered the choice in a referendum, a poll has found.

The survey will fuel the growing political debate about Britain’s future place in the EU, which has seen even Cabinet ministers suggesting that the UK would prosper outside the union.

It was published a day after Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, publicly urged David Cameron to resist growing Conservative pressure for an exit and keep Britain in the EU.

The YouGov poll showed that 49 per cent of voters would vote to leave the EU in a referendum. Twenty-eight per percent said they would opt to remain a member, while 17 per cent said they did not know how they would vote.

The poll, of 1,637 British adults, was carried out late last month and also showed that most Britons do not believe their country has much sway over European affairs.

Only 29 per cent of voters said they consider Britain to be influential within the EU. Forty five per cent said Britain has little clout in Europe.


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  • thor42

    Good stuff!

    Heck – with this and with all of the interesting policy initiatives I’ve been hearing from the UK – from education to welfare – maybe Britain isn’t quite stuffed after all. Maybe there *is* still some life in the “old British bulldog”…..

  • Petone Alice

    Cameron, your colonial inferiority complex is showing!

  • HtD

    The truth is, Britain entered the then ‘Common Market’ against the will of the people. Once in, there was a referendum in 1974 to decide whether to stay in. By then the bridges were burned – Britain had pissed to old colonies off, including New Zealand. So a reluctant ‘might as well stay in now’ vote prevailed. Left wing Conservative PM Edward Heath’s lying trick was to pretend that the Common Market was the entity we were talking about – a free trade agreement. What we got was the European Economic Community – an inefficiency subsidy system, which later became the European Union, a movement towards a European state. Misrepresentation and takeover by stealth. All paid for by Germany (who could afford it then) and Britain (who couldn’t). Heath was nothing short of a traitor.
    Go UKIP!

  • Honcho

    My question is how low wage, blue collar businesses in the UK will survive without the support of the latest of the EU27 countries providing those workers, the locals certainly dont seem interested in manual labour.

    • cows4me

      Why would workers fail to come to the UK Honcho? Seems they already have more then they can handle and if the UK continues down the road to success would not the people still be fighting to get in?

      • thor42


        Heck – the UK (and the rest of Europe) have people **flooding** in.

        Unfortunately, the vast majority are Muslims, and Muslims aren’t workers. They’re nothing but trouble.

        • Honcho

          There aren’t any countries named (—-)stan in the EU27

        • Bunswalla

          I suppose you could say the same about the vast majority of religiously intolerant bigots

    • Patrick

      If Britain left the EU they would be free to make their own decisions around who was “entitled” to work in Britain. Unlike the current situation where many of their own laws can be & are vetoed by Brussels. Many a criminal has taken the British court rulings to Brussels & had them overturned.
      The Brits have largely given up their sovereignty whether they like it or not. With a bit of luck they may end up with their opportunity to make a decision to stay or go if the Tories are forced into a referendum on Europe.

  • conwaycaptain

    Merkel has said that she wants Britain to stay in and that they would be LONELY outside the EU. Britain did very well outside the EU before and didnt have the drag on their economy of BILLIONS paid to the EU.
    Switzerland does v well outside as well and now the UK is exporting MORE to the rest of the world than to the EU.
    What they are worried about is that the UK is a NETT contributor to the EU whereas the majoity of the other states are not.
    Germany has now asked an influential think tank to do a report on the French Economy of FRank the Dutchman. Once Les Crapauds lose their MASSIVE subsidies and hand outs look out. The French Riot Police will be on overtime then theer will be riots across the Souther Marches of the EU. Greece, Spain Italy France and Portugal.

  • Patrick

    Successive British Governments have avoided the referendum that they promised. From memory Tony Bliar promised a referendum on Europe way back when he was first elected Prime Minister. Looking back that was just one of many of Blair’s lies.

  • conwaycaptain

    Two years ago the people wanting to get the UK out of the EU were on teh outer.
    The pollies in the main wanted to stay in apart from the eurosceptics in the Conservative Party and the likes of UKIP.
    Now it is basically mainstream policy and if the Cons can get that idiot Cameron out and replace him with Boris the UK will be out and Hot to Trot

    • thor42

      Agreed, CC.
      Boris would be a **great** PM, I reckon.

      Among other things, he seems to have a really good feel for how the public will react to various policies.

      He’s definitely got the “X factor” which is what all great leaders have.