Pressure mounting on Dompost

Yesterday the NBR followed up on the Greg King story that TRUTH broke over a week ago. New sources have come forward confirming aspects of our story.

They have confirmed the “18 hours of legal aid” details that TRUTH was aware of. There are further specific details regarding that but I shall remain silent on those until the DomPost comes clean.

It is unacceptable for the editor to issue only a short statement saying simply that the TRUTH story was “wrong”.

We stand by everything we have printed and this story is developing.

I repeat what we said in our original story.

The Dominion Post and its investigative journalist Phil Kitchin need to answer the following questions so that NZ can judge for itself whether their investigation was news worthy or just another chapter in the NZ book of chopping off tall poppies

  1. What was the nature of the investigation that the Dominion Post was undertaking into Greg King and his legal practice?
  2. What contact did the Dominion Post (either staff, contractors or freelancers) have with Greg King and his wife or anybody in his legal practice in the week prior to his death, including on Friday 2 November?
  3. Who specifically from the Dominion Post has had contact over the last few weeks with an inmate of Rimutaka with regard to the investigation into Greg King?
  4. At what time on the evening of Friday 2 November was the decision made to pull the story that was scheduled to appear in the Dominion Post on Saturday 3 November? And why?
  5. When did they learn of Greg Kings death?



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  • Keep the pressure up Cam. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Dom-Post either running a story about Greg King and/or seeking comment from him. They had no way of knowing that events would take a tragic turn.

    There is however a strong element of dishonesty in the Dom-Post’s denials and obfuscation. The truth will come out (probably in the Truth), and the damage to the Dom-Post’s reputation will be far worse than had they issued an immediate mea culpa and expression of regret for the sad turn of events.

    • CommonSense404

      Exactly right – but this would not be the first time the MSM’s ego/stubbornness got in the way of a sensible response. I mean, how could they be seen to be doing as instructed by another paper

      • Patrick

        Instructed by another paper – the real issue for the Editor will be that it is Whaleoil dictating the play. MSM will not like it “up them” but it is high time someone pulled the pin on the hand grenade as far as NZ journalism goes.