Quote of the Day

From Grant Robertson:

“I’m backing David 100 per cent”

Of course you are Grant, but which David?


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  • Indeed; a question which John Key gleefully asked at Question Time yesterday, to much mirth from the Government benches.

  • maninblack

    I see Shearer as Labours only hope to move away from the gaggle of gays and other assorted lefties.
    Long term if they want to get any where, they need to move to backing the so called ‘Waitakere Man’ again.
    They also need to bring in JT for this course.
    All this would also take away votes from the greens which would be fucking fantastic as well.

  • Pete George

    On Firstline Chris Trotter had a similar view to me in Shearer standing down, Cunliffe to lead Labour where possibly the only viable way of rolling Shearer is for Cunliffe and Robertson to join forces.

    Shearer’s leadership may be saved by a clash of alternative egos and ambitions. But that could doom Labour – personal interests defeating what is best for the party.

  • Neil

    Funny reading all this homophobia around still – need to get more young people posting on this blog Cameron – this lot are still in the 19th century – I wonder how many are closet gays themselves and a denying it by attacking those who are not frightened of what they are.

  • cows4me

    “I’m backing David a 100 per cent”, bet he’s hoping it’s into a corner.