Rachel Maddow on the election

I love how she used ‘shellacked’ several times…


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  • Pete George

    She’s right on most things. Obama was norn in Hawaii. The moon landing was real.

    “…and climate change is real…”?

    • Marcus50

      Pete yes climate change is real. Whether it is caused by man or not is debateable but just look at the north pole ice melt and you might get the picture.
      The GOP has to get away from the perception it is controlled by evangelical conservative Christians who want to carry guns and who think pregnancy from rape is gods will. FFS what planet are these people from.

      • Travis Poulson

        Well, apparently the climate is always changing. Even before man existed. People would be complaining if the ice was increasing too. It’s out of our control, everything is. Sandy proved that. Just sit back and watch it happen, that’s all we can do. Maybe set up some fraudulent organisations and schemes like Kyoto Protocol and the ETS to bleed money from gullible people, but that’s about it.

        • Phar Lap

          You talk so much sense.Just awaiting one of the psychopathic .RED/”greens ” to try and defend the indefensible.

          • Travis Poulson

            That’s alright, I don’t mind. And I’m sure that since they so strongly believe in it and stand by their claims they won’t be hiding behind a fake name either. I’ll check later when I get back from my haircut, just gotta go brush the wings of my pig, saddle him up and prepare for takeoff.

          • Marcus50

            Each of this argument believes the data that suits their argument no doubt. I doubt that we know what causes the warming and cooling of the planet and whether farting cows contribute to the problem but that there is a current warming of the planet is beyond dispute.

    • cows4me

      “we need a new , better way of doing politics”, Won’t happen Pete unless you can change human nature. And yeah the politicians have been trying to do that for thousands of years also. Last century, this century we are still govern by emotions, greed , envy , lust , love , pride , etc. People and their parties will always strive to be supreme and this, we all must get on and work together is candy floss.

      • Pete George

        That’s what I keep hearing, that it can’t be changed. If we shrug and agree then obviously it won’t change.

        Things have changed at times, sometimes dramatically. That’s because people have seen the need for change and done something to make it happen – not always successfully, but at times it does work.

        If you try.

    • dyannt

      Pete, in case you hadn’t noticed, climate changes regularly on our planet. The debate is over who/what causes it to change.

  • Pete George

    “…and if the Republican Party and the conservative movement and the conservative media is stuck in a vacuum sealed door locked spin cycle of telling each other what makes them feel good, and denying the factual lived, truth of the world then we are all deprived as a nation of the constructive debate between competing feasible ideas about real problems.”

    There is also a similar problem here.

    With National to an extent, especially on unemployment. Same old is not acceptable. The international economic situation is tough to deal with but National have to be seen to be trying harder to prevent more people being tossed on the heap of unemployment.

    And with Labour, stuck in a bubble, repeating the same mistakes that Goff oversaw through the last term. David Shearer promised to be different, but he has become worse of the same, a slogan drone like a failing Phil Goff on valium.

    We need a new, better way of doing politics here. The best brains in parliament, and there are plenty of those amongst the dross, should have a primary aim of working together to do their best for the country. There must be holding to account, but that should be secondary. If everyone worked together more then less holding to account will be required.

    Old established parties and old party activists hate to hear that their way is last century politics, well past it’s use-by date.

    We need a new, better way of doing politics. Where the best are attracted to standing for their country, and the best are elected. And of those elected MPs, the best are used to the best of their ability.

    If this is to happen it won’t be driven from within the old established parties. It must be encouraged and promoted and pushed from the outside. It’s time for more people to have more say – and to make our politicians listen.

    Those who want their party to rule supreme and want to squash any opposition should fade into history.

    Those who see the need to have better MPs, better parties, should encourage diversity, encourage a wider range expertise, and demand a better parliament that puts working together for the country first.

    • Mitch82

      Between this post and Maddow’s comments, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Mediaan

      Employment is primarily the job of the individual. Forget blaming others. As long as there are people out there with work they would like done, and the money to pay for it, there is work. The rest is stupidity and laziness.

      Government’s job is to cut back the loony restrictions and demands that the left placed on businesses, so they can function confidently. Right now, I wouldn’t dream of setting up a new business, because I’d be expected to run round wiping up the social messes that touched my workers. Too expensive and arduous, you’d never get any work done for the clients who paid you. And then I would have some idiot neurasthenic grievance-monger whinging because I had laid him off.

      I wouldn’t mind government doing more policing of people who slide out without paying tax, too. They are all around us.

  • Marcus50

    The GOP need to take the lesson on the chin. Being fiscally conservative is good but being fiscally conservative and fucking nuts. Some of the Christian conservatives that are pandered to by the GOP hold views debunked in the 1800’s. They don’t get that the uninhibited right to bear arms results in a disproportionate number of people being shot. and Palin thinks she can see Russia from her kitchen window. Is it any wonder these loony tunes cannot get elected, and yet fiscal conservatism is what America needs badly at the moment. It is living beyond its ability to pay.

    • bristol

      Marcus. some facts for you to digest; Sarah Palin never ever said she could see Russia from her house, it was comedienne, and Palin impersonator, Tina Fey who said it. Also, I’d put serious money on there being significant numbers of Christian Evangelicals, as there would be owners of firearms, at all levels throughout the Democrat party and its supporters. FYI, The United States Constitution second amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, adopted on 15th December 1791, is for all Americans, not exclusively for those of Republican persuasion. I’m pretty sure that Whale Oil would like to see law abiding New Zealanders have the same privilege.
      I do agree with you though, that “America needs badly at the moment some fiscal conservatism.” However, I’m not convinced that Obama understands this need.

      • Marcus50

        You take the comments too literally. Lets spell it out for you The GOP is dislocated from reality and you only need to look at the last two presidential elections to get the picture. The conservative commentators are running around blaming the biased media, the democrats dirty tactics et all when the reality they self destructed with nut jobs from the conservative Christian right talking about legitimate rape and pregnancy from rape being gods will. If you do not see that as a major issue you are simply deluded.

        And lets not get into Palin. It is hard to remember someone so intellectually ill equipped to be VP and she was a disaster for the GOP and McCain’s bid. Fox continue to have her make vacuous commentary on issues which is simply beyond comprehension.
        Gun laws, pleased you don’t see the second amendment as a problem even thogh the statistics on Gun related death blow your argument out of the water, oh right its people who kill not guns and having such easy access to guns does not contribute to opportunity.

        • bristol

          Sorry Marcus, neither McCain nor Sarah Palin were running in this election, they’re history, not relevant. As for the GOP being “dislocated from reality”, I think the Republican election loss this time may actually have more to do with the changing demographics in the US. The same thing is happening in Europe. Mass immigration, legal or otherwise, is changing the face of established cultures. The goalposts have moved.
          No point me challenging you on your gunlaws viewpoint, we are diametrically opposed – could go on forever :)

          • Mitch82

            You’re looking from one side of an obvious argument, and taking one legitimate side of the two available. Yes, the demographics have changed, but in that, so has society and prevailing views. The GOP need to keep up, or they’ll be left behind. They need to stop blaming the change in demographic, and accept it as where society’s at, then adjust to it.

            You can’t fight change.

        • Dr wang

          Marcus50: “you take the comments too literally..”

          So we have to factor in an allowance for a bit of bullshitting in everything you say?

          The old leftie favourite “fake but accurate” (trust me) in action.

      • Mitch82


        She said “They’re out next-door neighbours, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska”.

        Regardless of the fact that she’s 100% correct, it’s still a hilarious line that did no good for her image.

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  • thor42

    As I’ve posted on Chris Trotter’s blog – this is all part of our right-wing “master plan”…… ;)

    The American economy will go over the cliff in the next couple of years, and history will record that it was Comrade Obama and the Democrats at the wheel.

    It will be the *Republicans* who rise from the ashes, and the Democrats will be “electoral poison” for the next 50 years.

    Operation “Poisoned Chalice” is working exactly as planned…… ;)

    • Greek Wedding

      Who’s ‘our’ , Paleface ? Your childish worldview is all your own . You went on and on about how Romney could not lose the election . You were TOTALLY WRONG .
      So now we have to put up with some conspiracy theory crap about a ‘masterplan’ ?
      You are lost in space , poor man .Wake up and smell the roses .

      • thor42

        Sigh….. dear “Greek Wedding”…..

        The post was meant to be in jest, hence the “smilies”.

        I thought I’d made it quite clear, but apparently not quite clear enough……

        As for me saying that “Romney couldn’t lose the election” – WTF? I don’t recall having made any such post. I’ve barely commented at all on the election.

    • Which means NZ is behind the 8 ball…..we have to lose 2014 otherwise we will be stuck with the reverse…which means we will need more gaffs from the PM (as apparently that decides votes) and ensure Act continue on their apparent obscurity so Labour & the greens have a shot of getting back in when the US goes bust under the left…then by 2017 they will finally meet destination annihilation and our country can actually cut the welfare death trap once and for all.

      But then of course there is a reality. The US may go bust and so might Europe…..and if either happens we are screwed either way :)

  • trisha

    why didn’t she say…they got a good thrashing…..instead of shellacked ….I thought poor people got that chemical smelly stinky paint on them ewwww.

  • Her premise that the two teams try to solve problems is bullshit on stilts. The politicians merely shift money to buy off their voters. Nothing more, nothing less.