Brenda Pilott normally enthusiastically supports everything Labour does, but last night she tweeted:

Whilst strictly true, The Labour Party currently has six affiliates, all trade unions (RMTU, MWU, DWU, EPMU, MUNZ, SFWU) and the PSA isn’t one of them they are associates and fellow travellers, even helping with Labour’s asset sales referendum:

The link to the image is this one, that I have previously blogged:


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  • Steve Schmee

    Keep our Assets is a broad partnership project of leading nation-wide organisations representing youth, workers, the 50 plus, the environment, the community and everyday New Zealanders.

    Many organisations have come together to start Keep our Assets, the most involved organisations so far include:

    New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

    GreyPower New Zealand

    New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations

    Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

    Labour Party

    Greenpeace New Zealand


    So by your logic, the PSA are as much affiliated with the Green Party as they are with Labour.

    • Chris Richardson

      Likewise, that Grey Power have a ‘part to play’ in who the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations president is…

    • Chris

      Hey Steve, fyi, to most of those orgainsations, people are stated owned assets.

      • Neil

        You mean liabilities don’t you?

    • In Vino Veritas

      And lets see shall we Steve, how many of these organisations are not of a socialist bent?
      The NZ Council of Trade Unions as always, support anything that benefits them with no risk. See their whining about Kiwirail. Why don’t they buy a chunk of it? Then they might actually learn about the reality of running a business instead of living in a fantasy land about how it should be.

      • Steve Schmee

        So? This the PSA and Labour, not any of your ramblings.

        • In Vino Veritas

          I believe you introduced the Keeping our Assets group of misfits. Let me quote direct from your post above, since you appear to have suffered memory loss and temporary blindness:

          “Keep our Assets is a broad partnership project of leading nation-wide organisations…………..” etc

  • stinkeye

    I love it that these unions are pushing this crap – yet it has nothing to do with them, and won’t affect then in a single way.

    It would be like me pushing for free tampons, being a male.