Saturday General Debate

Open forum . . .

What did everyone think of the first ‘new’ Truth?



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  • Travis Poulson

    A large step in the RIGHT direction. Won’t say anymore, said it earlier in the week.

  • Mighty1

    Love the Schultze!

  • i was going to ask what the numbers sold were but then realise you would be bragging a bout them by now if you had the figures….so illl just wait.

    • Anecdotally we sold out in a number of stores and main Centres

      • Sooty

        It was all the lefties that bought it to see if there was a story writen about them selves.

  • For me, I counted about eight pages out of 44 (excluding the supplement which went straight in the bin) worth reading, roughly 20%. Not sure I’ll be rushing out to buy again, but then perhaps I’m not the target market… Maybe a few male hotties would help? Just not gay looking ones.

    • Mighty1

      8 out of 44 not too bad, read the Herald or Star Times lately, god forbid the Womans Weekly!

  • Pete George

    While David Shearer slogan drones on in his weekly newsletter – <a href="Shearer Says #whatever – he gets a gobsmacking about what he should say in his party conference speech:

    “Fuck it, let’s tell the truth. We’ve failed you for four years, and
    you’re frustrated with that failure, and so am I, and it’s time we faced
    up to it.

    I’m tired of trying to say what somebody else in the caucus wants me
    to say, and then saying something different later, and ending up saying
    nothing and going nowhere, that’s not why I returned to this country and
    got into politics, so here’s what I really feel, and you can decide if
    you want to hear it, and if you don’t, get somebody else – but at least
    you’ll know where I stand …”

    • Sooty

      Thats too long for a “Tui Billboard”

    • Petal

      We’re all looking for a Chris Christie in NZ Politics I think.

      • MickeyMouse

        How true. Might be too much to hope for though.

  • I finally found a copy this morning. Sad to have had to bin nearly half of my $2.80 worth at the bin outside the shop. I felt rather ripped off. What I was left with was little more than a days reading on this blog. Having said that I did enjoy the read and would buy again but would like to hear from you that you intend to reduce the adult content as much as you can. A page 3 hottie as was on the front cover is as much as is needed. If people are buying Truth for the adult content then are they buying the wrong paper…or am I?
    Will you be following up with the Dominion story? And I didn’t think Willie added anything, though I am not against opposing views on issues. 5 out of 10 – must do better.

    • peterwn

      The next logical step would be to split Truth into two publications and sell off the ‘page 3’ stuff to the Chow Brothers.

    • It was my first week, we need to get Run of Paper advertisers to supplant the adult advertising. Though I do note that many of those advertisers also advertise in the Herald and one of the larger advertisers is Metro as well…we are working on increasing story count and have a project underway to redesign the paper and launch an improved website. All feedback is welcome and the more I have the better the results will be.

      • Macca

        I thought it was good and appreciated that it was your first edition. Eventually the sex stuff will have to go.

  • I couldn’t find a copy for love nor money in Tauranga on Thursday or in Wanganui yesterday. I will rexserve comment until I do. But how about some links to stories on the Truth website; I’d love to read the Greg King story.

    • That will go live here and on Truth’s website tomorrow at 1200.

      • Appreciate that Cam

      • Dave

        I will be looking up the website, the local shops here don’t sell the truth, Let me know if distribution ever reaches the west island.

  • Ryan

    first time I read it…its okay-ish I suppose. I’m not sure I’m your target audience either…love to see ALOT more intelectual content…maybe a thumbs up thumbs down section for dumb and brillent things during the week [that the readers can email in sugestions]

    Who is the target audience?

    ps: truth website is crap

  • reitama

    would love a lot more investigative content, also the follow up- on the greg king story…what did the dompost have. Agree over 2/3 went straight to the bin. Looking forward to more stuff…..lets go after the unions using some of the stuff Owlk already has, how about ranking them in context to ripping the members off….

  • cows4me

    What about an item about our courageous government turning it’s back on the con artists in Kyoto. And carry on to ask why we are still been screwed by a fucken ets.

  • conwaycaptain

    Thought it was tastelss to have a hoiie on the front page next to a photo of an eminent NZer who had died tragically
    I found it all to be Whale Oil Light!!

    • RightOfGenghis

      Hoiies and left wing columnists. When it purges itself of both I’ll consider shelling out

      • Travis Poulson

        Oh, so you’re only interested in a wankfest of people that agree with each other and everyone patting themselves on the back on one side of the political spectrum? A bit silly isn’t it? I’m no leftie, but I don’t wan’t to read a publication that doesn’t offer diversity. Should we ban left wing opinionated people from this blog as well?

        Surely you have been reading Whaleoil long enough to know Cameron allows free speech and diversity of opinion.

        • RightOfGenghis

          Red, Colin Craig, Garth George. Plenty of diversity there I would have thought. I think the thing is suffering from an identity crisis but time will tell

          • Travis Poulson

            Having a few bourbons tonight? :)

          • Colin Craig is weird.

          • RightOfGenghis

            Agreed, that was a little random. Blame it on the liffey water

        • RightOfGenghis

          Have enjoyed a couple of blonds with the long black skirt. Thanks for asking, e tu? Horses for courses. A free blog where the leftist usually, but not always, gets a good old fisting is somewhat gratifying. A very different proposition to paying the leftist for the privilege of reading their rants.

          • Travis Poulson

            Alright, I think I have a better understanding of your point of view now, and perhaps even agree.

            Allow me to have another bourbon or 2 and mull for a moment…

  • Patrick

    Electronic copy? For us folk consigned to propping up the Australian economy?

    Would be great to see true investigative journalism make a comeback instead of the pap, patsy sh1te planted like the current crap on Dot Kom (David Fisher), Len Brown (Bernard Orsman) etc. These are PR placements & the journos should be ashamed that they have sold their “arses” to the highest bidder.

    • MickeyMouse

      Agree. Looked at the website from London and it really is terrible – the re-launch/ changes needs to be include a complete re-design of the website.

  • adsup

    Seeing as you have most of the info how about an article listing all the times tame journos have paraded some supposed unfortunate victim of government policy who turns out to be a labour/green activist.

  • Petal

    Well, I actually paid money for a paper for the first time in…. I really can’t remember. It’s as much to support you out of the gate as it was to have a look inside and see what it is all about.

    Like others, the supplement was quickly binned before I had to explain it to my family.

    I suspect WOBH aficionados will already be clued up on most of the stories, and not really get that much more from anything Truth prints. Can you sacrifice some WOBH posts to give Truth more exclusives? In that case, I might “have to” purchase it. In the mean time, I’m not so sure the hard news in Truth will be sufficient to justify its purchase.

    But then I’m not in your target market. No racing news, no sport news, no adult needs beyond what I can get and provide at home :)

    I was interested in the King story. But there was so precious little of it. I suspect it is a tricky balancing act to make a story last over a number of issues. But unlike a blog, where you can do more than one post a day to release the story, or one a day for several days, Truth has a 7 day gap. A lot can happen, and you don’t necessarily get to control the story if others take if off you and run with it.

    On the good side, nobody seems to have dared to take the “Dom Post pressure implied in King suicide” angle any further, but I’m just saying – it’s more of a risk to let these things hang there for a week and hope you get to put your next move on 7 days later.

    I’m not judging Truth or you on a single issue. I wanted to see what it looks like today, and when I look at it again over the months/years, I will be able to recognise the changes. I’ve got nothing but best wishes for your success in this venture and hope you get to achieve everything you set out to do.

    DISCLOSURE: I entered an online Truth competition and won a Wendys Baconator. Yay. lol I guess I’m ahead on my $2.80 layout if it wasn’t for the plane ticket to Auckland ;)

    • CommonSense404

      Good feedback and spot on pretty much. Frankly even looking for feedback is a good start – although not a surprise for Whale.

      Its going to be a tough haul. The current (past) content was geared to a particular readership. To be successful Whale needs to still speak to that audience while building a new audience at the same time. The new readers are likely to be put off by some of the old content (mostly the adult stuff). So the pace of change is crucial – too slow and the new readers will come for a look but not hang around and not come back. Too fast and it won’t stack financially with the loss of ad revenue and the old readership.

      If Whale succeeds – and we want this – it’ll be one hell of an achievement.

      Personally I just want to see a paper that approaches everything from a stripped back common sense perspective. Not afraid to say WTF on issues where we are in danged of becoming desensitized and too accepting. Definitely a paper that will call out its peers on hypocrisy. One that doesn’t have to scream from manufactured headlines and especially one that has sound principles based on a belief in personal responsibility.

      I’d definitely become a regular reader if there were contributions from the likes of Rodney Hide, even David Garrett – both write superbly well on issues that are of relevance. Chris Trotter’s style is a bit intellectual – would prefer to hear from Danyl or Scott form the other side. Josie is a great choice though.

      Good luck!

      • MickeyMouse

        That’s a great suggestion – nab Rodders from The Horrid and get him writing. Bob Jones too.

        One of the most widely read regulars in The Horrid is Mary Holm (personal finance) – grab her while you’re at it – she would bring in another audience. Alas, you might have to ditch most of the tits and bums for her to agree !

  • DreaF

    Hi Cam… I want to wish you luck in your new venture, i’m sure over
    time that you will change The Truth to become a paper i would wish to
    spend money on. In it’s present format (adult content) i am reluctant
    to do so, however, i will give it a few more weeks and then buy a copy
    and hopefully by then the paper will have more interesting content than
    it currently does. I really do look forward to reading a paper not
    filled with regurgitated or partisan stories and finally read something
    that resembles The Truth.

    Once again i wish you luck in turning this paper back into what it once stood for many years ago.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I read my copy of the TRUTH today. I have not bought the rag for years but I like it. The TRUTH can only get better. NZ has been wanting something like this other than the same of suckholing leftie shit churnalists and repeaters

  • Alsh

    It left me wanting more. There seems to be more left wing opinion columnists than right wing. I am sure that you will work on improvements over the near future and $2.80 per week I can support you in your endeavour. At least while was reading it my blood pressure did not spike like it did when I used to read SST so it is better value already.

  • Mediaan

    Terrific first edition, and astonishing that you even had a hot investigative story.

    Yes, as others have commented and I am sure you know already, there are several bunches of people who need to be retained, and a new stream (including maybe WO fans) who need to be brought on board.

    For a precedent, let’s take the British tabloid Sundays.

    NOTW sold many millions each week. (That’s before they threw it away because of public disgust over the wire-tap stuff that affected the outcome of child murder investigations and altered marriages.)

    People of many types read it (obviously, from the massive circulation figures).

    Thinking back to NOTW, it seemed to go heavy on high celebrity failings (can’t do that here, no high celebrities), union exposes and wicked fumbling habits of church vergers in the vestry.

    At least every three pages, a lovely distraught girl in a big photo called out for the reader’s sympathy. It wasn’t porn, but for a girl in need of help she would be darned pretty.

    There were big campaigns on things that would capture the ordinary bloke, maybe judicial decisions where some scum had got off too lightly and lunchrooms through the whole country were seething… (Hmm, I am wondering about Garth McVicar people and yes, Rodney Hide or maybe Sir Robert Jones.)

    As for the sex service supplement, maybe you could pre-print it and enclose it in a sealed cello envelope inside? All adds to the allure, one presumes. Also prevents heavy breathers in the gas station from reading it free.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I choked on my beer when I read “heavy breathers”

  • GregM

    Contributors, whats the hangup with the Adultspace? chuck it out, I did. The advertising revenue from this is what pays for the production, not the measly $2.80 news stand price.
    By the time Cam gets the paper back to 100 pages plus, like it used to be , the few pages of adult ads in the middle you won’t even notice.
    My only suggestion would be to get the titty girl off the front cover and back on page 3.

    To those who don’t want the kids to see the adult bits, don’t forget that your kids have had a real good look at their mums tits, and are probably not too disturbed at the sight of another two.
    Very promising first edition.