Shearer calls caucus together tomorrow

David Shearer has cancelled appointments and called his caucus together tomorrow for a showdown:

Labour is in open warfare now. The Standard can be quite proud of their achievements in wrecking a conference far more thoroughly than one right wing blogger and editor of NZ owned paper could ever achieve.

Shearer will win the vote tomorrow, simply because there will be no one else standing against him, but it will be a pyrrhic victory, and when he disciplines David Cunliffe then the base will revolt.

Happy days.


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  • Anonymouse Coward

    So will the crew of the SS Labour discuss the danger of being rammed by a whitebait named Cunliffe or icebergs.

  • Jimmie

    Everyone is expecting Cunliffe to lie down tomorrow and allow Shearer to ream him from the inside out.

    BE very funny if the Cun Cun is actually out beating the pavements as we speak (and tonight) trying to do a last minute deal to knife Shearer tomorrow.

    Shearer may well end up shearing himself of his title and office.

  • Doug

    Will we see a clean shaved Cunliffe tomorrow?

  • disqus_DCq7uxUFCc

    I’m looking forward to trolling the crap out of gweg pwesland tomorrow.

  • Michael

    I really hope that MSM dial in on this and focus. This should be a concern to anyone that traditionally votes labour or is even thinking about it.

    The MSM need to also dial in on the implications of the only needing 40% for a challenge in leadership. This is serious tail wagging dog.

    Come on MSN… tell people what this means, spoon feed it to the watchers. This crap matters.

    • Jester

      I’ll tell you what it means Michael.
      It means my 2000 Ipredict “Shearer gone in 2012” shares are now worth fuck all!

  • thor42

    Should be interesting…..

    I know it means naff-all, but the “poll” on the Stuff website is running 2-to-1 in favour of Shearer as leader.

    I’m hoping that that would be the case in reality too, and that people will be turned off Cunners whenever he gets the leadership.

    • davcav

      Quick everybody, vote Cunners :D

  • Meg

    I think Cunliffe is toast. He wont have the numbers to get there and then his leader is going to roast him good.

    Cunliffe has been too arrogant and has not spent enough time getting people on side.

    Good to see David Shearer finally showing a bit of mongrel too.

  • Morgy

    I think you are sort of right Meg. But lets not forget just three days ago and the week prior there had been a lot of talk about when will it be the right time to get rid of a guy who can not win an election for Labour. Nothing’s changed so behind the mongrel is training…the truth is, it doesn’t exist. This morning on Firstline he stuck to script really well but when there was a moment where the question required a bit ad lib…..the sirens went off again. I like the bloke to have a beer with. Not to led the country.

  • LinkinHawk

    Whale Oil>humble pie.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Whale Oil is greater than humble pie?

  • Phar Lap

    Who cares only 30%of voters like Lie-bour.Why would anyone care about a lot of rats either swimming to a sinking ship,or swimming away from it.Yawn!.

    • Meg

      Because that 30% will grow and then will govern.

      • Lion_ess

        After or before they bribe school-kids? What the weekend debacle demonstrated, which is what people already know, is the Labour Party is a clusterfu*k of mostly gays who are there for the bludge. Until the Labour Party has something to offer the electorate, they’ll stay right where they are – stabbing each other for the leadership of a fancy-dress party.

        • Meg

          I think once this mess is sorted, if David S. can keep the mongrel then Labour and its partners will have the next election sorted and Key and his bunch of idiots will be gone.

          • Lion_ess

            Close-Up did a piece on David Shearer and the Labour Party shambles tonight; and I watched John Key on Frontline this morning. Just saying, John Key neither looks nor sounds like an idiot. Actually, ummm tiddly-pom-pom, it’s the other way around.

          • Meg

            You keep thinking that. I saw the same piece, and one of the guests stated very clearly it was high odds that the left would be the next Government.

          • Lion_ess

            Well, hopefully he’ll trot down to the local bookie and put his money where his mouth is.

          • thor42

            Even if they *do* burgle the next election, they’ll only be in for one term.

            The Nats will be back in 2017 to clean up the mess.

          • Meg

            Not a chance. Once Labour are back in control things will be corrected and it will be a 3 term government at least.

          • Lion_ess

            You sound as convincing as Shearer does on his “hope” to lead Labour to the 2014 election. Just the words without the deeds.

          • thor42

            Yeah, right .. David S. “keeping the mongrel”.

            “Woof, woof, woof…”

            Good little doggie! Now – roll over…

            Goooooood boy!

            Oh, by the way, Meg – thanks to Key and his “bunch of idiots”, New Zealand rates as the best place in the world to do business –

            Your trolling needs work, Meg.

          • Meg

            Out of control unemployment, record poverty, record numbers leaving, massive attacks on the rights of workers, attacks on education, selling NZ to American movie companies etc… Yea, I am still happy to say Key and his lot are a bunch of idiots we would be better off without.

          • SJ00

            Geeez Meg, hate it so much why don’t you fuck off as well?
            -Unemployment has to one of the lowest in the developed world. Go move to Spain with 25% and 50% unemployed for those under 25.
            -Poverty? Don’t see any kids in the dirt eating mudpies and flies buzzing around their face looking like a walking skeleton. Do see lots of ‘poor’ people at McDonalds.
            -People leaving? their choice. If they can’t get a job here, they won’t get one over there, or at least a decent one. They don’t get the support they get here so they *have* to work or they will starve (poverty style).
            -Rights of the workers? Wait we don’t have many of those (workers) as unemployment is out of control. Don’t like how you are being treated in a job an employer gave you, leave (fuck off to OZ).
            -Education is a bulls up. Sort it out. If its going so well why are more and more kids dropping and out and not being able to read and write?
            -Guess what, American companies create jobs. Oh but you don’t like those. You just like complaining there are none. What part of NZ has an American movie company bought?

            Meg you are a typical stupid Labour supporter. Throw slogans around that have no fact behind them, because they sound good. I bet you can’t produce any facts behind any of your statements. Dick.

          • Meg

            Yea no facts, just all the facts that show what a crap job National are doing.

            Keep living in dreamland.

          • Lion_ess

            Really Meg, I can’t think of any country right now that is in utopia with regard to economy, jobs etc. What the National government is doing with noticeable measure, is introducing policies that hold bludgers to account. This is a good thing.

          • Magor

            I like your style SJ00 – nothing quite like a couple of facts to put things into perspective..!

          • Alsh

            Unfortunately for for Labour David is not a mongrel, but a poodle, and his so called future partners Rottweiler Winston, Buldog Harawira and Blue Heeler Norman will have him for breakfast.

      • Phar Lap

        Yeah! Right!That you nosy Parker.

    • Gazzaw

      Probably more like 23-25% after the weekend shambles PL.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Guys – What about my theory of Rajen Prasad emerging as the black horse and winning?

    • Apolonia

      Are you saying Labour has to many chiefs and not enough ……….

  • Petal

    “Labour is in open warfare now. The Standard can be quite proud of their achievements in wrecking a conference far more thoroughly than one right wing blogger and editor of NZ owned paper could ever achieve.” — Cam Slater



    For sure.

  • SerSydney

    Shearer – “No point in having the weak stretch on…..”

    This is exactly whats gonna happen.