Shearer: I am doing a good job

Labour’s current Leader David Shearer has been busy today trying to shut down leadership speculation ahead of his party’s leadership conference this weekend.

He’s labelled the criticism of him as ‘bloggers talking to bloggers’.  Unfortunately for Shearer, many of the people calling for his head have not been bloggers. However, National will be hoping he’s done enough to save his job for now.

By the way, calling John Key ‘nice’ is in stark contrast to what Shearer was calling him a few short weeks ago.

When Shearer was shooting himself in the foot with the GCSB tape debacle, he labelled the PM a liar who couldn’t be trusted.

So after today’s performance, can we assume Shearer’s new story is that John Key is a nice man – who’s a liar that can’t be trusted?



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  • grandstream

    His last comment “im sure he’s a nice man as well” shows something new from Shearer…..this could be the start of his full labourmtomy….who can forgt that witheroe old hag Helen Clark snapping back at the reporter “nothing” when asked if there was anything about John Key she admired…….or that fat bastard Mike Williams on his way to Sydney to find all the dirt on John Key, who was sure there was dirt to find…..Shearer maybe turnign teh corner and gettign some true labour hate in his game

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Grandstream – Do not remind me about Mike Neutron Williams and the stunt he pulled off by going to Oz and returning with 60KG worth of paper to dig dirt on John Key. I think that is the very moment, the communist dictator lost the election for good.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep rocks bros!! No challenge! Sheep has confirmed. Now all of you go home and the last blogger switch off the light please.