Shearer on leadership

So according to Shearer – those asking questions about his leadership like Duncan Garner, John Armstrong, Andrea Vance, Vernon Small, Tapu Misa are “basically people who are sitting in front of their computers giving their opinions“.

Good luck with the head in the sand approach Dave. It is bad enough that Bryce Edwards managed to scratch up 33 links to blogs and media talking about Shearer’s doomed leadership but now with comments like that he has ensured another day or two of bad headlines in the lead up to the conference.

We must be just days away from a 10 minute video from TV3 of all the umms and ahhs and re-cuts of questions from Shearer.

You don’t slag off media like that and get away with it.


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  • Pete George

    It wasn’t just Shearer, it was also Andrew Little and Clayton Cosgrove – Shearer and MPs dismiss blog opinion.

    • Neil

      Most of it has actually been in response to questions raised by the MSM who are themselves guilty of giving little or no coverage to Mr Shearer – creation of a story to then report on it – something our MSM are becoming too “expert” at.

    • Your next headline PG: Shearer accuses Bloggers of engaging in a Circlejerk.

      • Pete George

        Haha, there’s certainly been a bit of that – did you mean on blogs or in the Labour caucus?

        Stuff poll highlights Shearer’s strength – Who should lead the Labour Party?
        David Shearer 2050 votes, 26.7%
        David Cunliffe 1691 votes, 22.0%
        Andrew Little 485 votes, 6.3%
        Grant Robertson 629 votes, 8.2%
        Someone else 2814 votes, 36.7%

        There is no someone else for Labour to choose.

        • cows4me

          Pete I didn’t think the socialists voted in a leader , so wouldn’t a poll be a exercise in futility? Doesn’t the leader of these fruitcakes received a royal warrant to govern from a cabal of elitist Marxists , union hacks and queers ?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    If any one still has plans of living in this country after 8 November 2014, read this and start packing your bags now.

    • Fuck, I don’t know what to start with today. There is so much politically pootarded material around – those labour remits are scary enough. But then there is the prospect that the situation may end up playing out well for Shearer:

    • In Vino Veritas

      You’ve got it Sir C. I shall be buying a new set of luggage in mid 2014 just in case. The Labour Party is full of raving lunatics. NZ will become the new North Korea if these remits are passed into policy.
      Ban coal mining
      Ban fracking
      Ban seabed mining
      Ban plastic bags
      Ban “bad” food at schools
      Compulsory unionism
      Ban companies not paying a “living wage” (thats not the minimum wage people)
      Compulsory worker representation on large company boards
      Lower voting age to 16
      Reverse employment laws (we can now see why so many union hacks have insinuated themselves into the party)
      Universal child benefit (thats for millionaires as well)
      Nationalisation of any partially sold assets (I assume this means Air NZ as well)
      Fund a Pacific TV broadcaster
      etc etc, with the worst and most heinous being:
      Insert the Treaty of Waitangi into the Constitution Act!!! A document that has no legal standing being put into the Constitution. The end of this country as we know it.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Communists and socialists – I just cannot believe the crap thinking from this bunch of losers. We will be the banana republic of the South Pacific.

      • Liberty

        They will all sing

    • “Remit 3: International Financial Transactions Tax
      THAT Labour support in principle an international financial transactions tax, and institute such a tax following research into its optimal form.”

      Wait a minute? you mean that those blithering fools in Labour are punting Klark’s global tax?

      “Remit 11: Gender quota for the House of Representatives

      THAT Labour in government move to introduce a quota system on the number of women represented in the New Zealand House of Representatives.”

      How on earth would this one work? People are elected to those positions. Putting in quota’s on elected officials is somewhat undemocratic

    • dyannt

      Pg 3 Sector Councils. There is none for the blokes. How come?

    • stinkeye

      Holy shit – they want to push for a Republic ASAP.

      I’m leaving this place, damn.

    • Thanks for the link. Additional reasons for why the eBook I’m writing at present has a working title of “One Way Ticket”. All the other parties aren’t any better. Complete lack of clear thinking on how to get out of this economic malaise all round.