Shearer stands and umms and Cunliffe banished to back bench

David Shearer has reacted with anger and petulance and banished David Cunliffe to the back benches.

Labour MPs have unanimously endorsed leader David Shearer in an afternoon caucus, while MP David Cunliffe has been stripped of his front bench position and his portfolios.

Labour leader David Shearer announced the demotion after he secured a unanimous endorsement from his caucus at an urgent meeting this afternoon.

Mr Shearer said Mr Cunliffe was unable to show loyalty.

“His actions at the weekend were disappointing not only to me but to many party members. That, along with his repeated failure to quell speculation about the leadership means that I no longer have confidence in him.”

He said there was a “robust discussion” in caucus and it was possible Mr Cunliffe could return to the front bench if he proved his loyalty.

“I regret having to take the action I have today but he has left me with no alternative.”

What is he supposed to do? Eat the entrails of a new born baby then swear on the Labour party manifesto while plunging a dagger into his thumb while kissing the portrait of Michael Joseph Savage?

Labour have ballsed this up…they have failed to learn from the lesson of history…I couldn’t be happier.


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  • thor42

    What I find interesting, WO, is that Shearer apparently has no plans to demote Cunliffe’s **supporters**.
    That could be asking for trouble. It means that those people who have tried to get rid of Shearer now know that there is no punishment for their disloyalty.

    Lots of interesting times still to come for Labour, I’d say.

    • Petal

      Exactly. I was hoping to see “Team Cunliffe” all sent to the naughty step. Then promote new blood to Caucus. That would have solved his 40% problem come February.

      Another tactical opportunity wasted.

      Shearer doesn’t have the steel to operate at that level.

    • LR

      Gutless shearer will shaft the Silent T supporters when they least expect it.

      • thor42

        Nah…. I beg to differ there.

        If he was going to do it, it would have been done today. He would not only have give Cunners the arse, but also his supporters. He just didn’t have the balls to do that.

  • Phar Lap

    On Prime News Shearer was flanked by the grubby, chubby,Annette King,the silent witness to the alleged nefarious sexual attack by Darren Hughes on an unsuspecting youth in her house.On his other side was the smarmy sneery David Parker, a three time loser for an electorate seat,he is the guy who couldn’t even get his company records straight when he worked for a living.What a shocking motley lot of self serving sycophants and the dysfunctional behavior of the Lie-bour. Party. Run a country,looking at their track record,they couldn’t even run a bath.

    • Troy

      Yup, hardly the model representatives of the people – a pack of verminous cretinous parasitical leeches on society – the trough is their home and they enjoy being in it. However, the bludgers of society vote for them because it suits their lazy style of living… fortunately people like that are becoming fewer, especially with the Nats welfare reforms.

    • LR

      The old Tusker, fuck wit shearer and smarmy John boy .. What a line up. The greens will be performing hand stands with joy.

      • Phar Lap

        Must be a misprint,the “greens” ,they spent the last year spreading lies about NZ to the New York Post ,hell bent on destroying the NZ economy.Performing “handstands”that pack of bastards .of course depends where their hands stand.A bunch of sicko psychopaths.

  • CowboyBebop

    Shearer can’t even do his job as Leader of the Opposition properly in holding the government to account for their various cock-ups, so how the fuck does he think that he’d makes a halfway decent Prime Minister?!

  • thor42

    I’m sure that David “I-love-the-unions” Cunners will get the leadership in February. That is very likely to be just after MUNZ (and the Cook Strait ferry “workers”) have strikes over Christmas and the New Year. *Perfect* timing!

  • cows4me

    I’m getting really disappointed with the left. Historically they used to be bad bastards, fuck Starlin would have sent silent T to the gulag. What a softcock outfit, you try to topple the boss and what do you get, a seat in the back row, for fucks sake. Where’s the fire and passion and the blood.

  • GregM

    What a complete pack of softcocks. A few days ago silent T had support, but getting threatened with a telling off by Pitbull Shearer, they all wimp out. Pathetic.