Shearer’s big um on housing

Good on TV3. Finally someone in the media has asked Labour Leader David Shearer for a little bit of detail about his un-costed Lotto housing policy. Of course the media have been somewhat distracted but now Shearer’s leadership is secure until February they can start focusing on their dreadful policies.

It’s not a minor detail either.  How many sections will the taxpayer need to buy?  Shearer couldn’t um, er, ah answer.

Too often Labour’s been allowed to get away with headline grabbing slogans and they’re never pressured for any detail or costing.  Their capital gains tax is a case in point.  Not even they know how it will work, and Labour are never challenged on the detail.


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  • Patrick

    About time some analysis was done on Labour’s policies. Unfortunately this is only being done to rark up the Shearer / Cunliffe issue rather than a concerted analysis of Labour’s policies. Once Shearer has been rolled the media will go back to more “important” stories such as John Key calling some blokes shirt gay. After all those are the stories that define a nation.

    • Neil

      That was an attempt at blokey humour (Key said it himself) that noone actually got as most of us only heard the comment second hand once the MSM got their hands on it and stirred things up.

  • Guest

    I’m sure he can get some quotes on roofing costs from that beneficiary he saw the other day.

  • Grizz30

    The policy is just smoke and mirrors. A distraction to their internal squabbles.

  • CJA

    Again I ask who the hell is advising Shearer and why the hell is he listening to them? Run the numbers David, 100,000 new homes over 10 years, 10,000 a year, 192 a week or 27 a day. Realistic when you think about it? Hell no. The guy should have just said that’s not realistic therefore I’m not going to announce it because it is an unrealistic policy.

    • Mr_V4

      Strategic advice from the desk of Mallard:

      “No David, just make the big announcement nobody will ask for detail. If they do I’ll rip off some teenager trying to buy tickets to Pink on trademe, as a distraction”.

  • Neil

    That um was just err umm totally um embarrassing….he needs to get angry more (like the King of England) often he stops his stutter then.

  • Troy

    The Rambling Guitarist strikes again. The problem politicians often face is trying to explain away what they will do different, and to explain it in a coherent intelligent undistracted manner. Shearer fails again. Labour – the gift that just keeps on giving.