Should we try public shaming?

Sheena Hardin avoided a school bus by driving on the footpath and a Judge sentences her to stand on the street with a sign saying she’s an idiot.

Is this more effective, and cheaper, than a Community Service sentence?  Perhaps New Zealand can use some pragmatism at this end of the ‘crime’ scale.




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  • Zephyr Cobalt

    I suggest public shaming for judges made to stand outside court houses. Their signs could read –

    “only an idiot would give a murderous maniac bail when the police, community, and victim want him held in custody.”

    • Mohawk Genocide

      What about public shaming for judges who commit fraud, eg Judge Richard Russell of Nelson?

      • Tristanb

        And that judge accused of keying the car. And the magistrate whose husband’s hit and run causing death charge was dropped.

        These assholes consistently act like ego-maniacal brats. Award costs to sex offended who don’t succeed, writing off offenses because it would stop someone travelling, shutting down cases and letting dozens of gang members off the hook because they judge was offended.

        Our judges really are elitist scumbags.

        • Mohawk Genocide

          Injustice is inherent to the system that they operate from. The Westminster system does not discriminate between those who enable it (for protection, benefits etc) and those who have no obligation towards it.

  • LesleyNZ

    Start with those brats who fired fireworks at that poor man’s roof. They should stand outside his place with similar with “fool” signs” Hope Justice Minister Judith Collins reads this post. Community service needn’t be so expensive. Bring back the the PEP work gangs (I think that is what they used to be called) to work with the local council. An all woman PEP gang totally built a footpath and rock wall in my local reserve 25 years ago – they had one supervisor – who was a man. The PEP “girls” were hard cases, they worked hard and loved working hard.

  • Michael

    There is only one suitable answer… YES

  • maninblack

    we could premake a lot of the signs in NZ.. for example..
    ‘Only and idiot would smoke P and beat their kids’

  • Gazzaw

    Peter Williams……………5,4,3,2,1.

    • Hazards001


  • thor42

    Excellent idea!

    It’d be cheap, and I’m pretty sure that it could be quite effective.