Sledge of the Day

It’s not often anyone can get a word in edgewise when they’re arguing with Chippie. Chris Hipkins has one of the most annoying debating techniques I’ve ever seen, which involves butting in, making snide remarks, and cutting people off before they finish. (That’s what you get studying at the feet of the much loathed Trevor Mallard).

But this morning, the mild-mannered Jami-Lee Ross really stuck it to Hipkins in the TVNZ Young Guns segment as they discussed the Labour Party’s infighting.

Of course Hipkins is the subject of the New Lynn Electorate Committee’s complaint to the Labour Council. The war continues.


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  • Frank Thomas

    Ouch…… That was one loud bitch slap!

  • Patrick

    How could Richie Cunningham be involved in governing New Zealand? He looks like a first class dork & I bet he took a few hidings in the school playground. If he didn’t his school mates need to have a good hard look at themselves.

    • He was one of the androgynous children that Clark surrounded herself with. That was his path to the trough.

  • Great stuff by JLR. It’s about time that the Hip-kid was knocked off his pedestal.

  • Michael Ward

    Does Chippie’s approach qualify as a “debating technique”? My 5 year old interrupts less than he does. I can’t stand his smarmy smirk either…

    It was great to see him left speechless this morning. Nice work from JLR

  • Troy

    You can when a politician is backed in a corner when they display a nervous smile or grin. A big fail to Hipkins. It must be fairly hard for him to hide his embarassment and to show the Labour flag, but he is a stayer with Liabour and will fight to the end – that’s what socialists gits do. Getting owned doesn’t help.