Slow Clap for Leonard Brown, Ctd

Another slow clap for Leonard Brown…more waste from his council, more bills foisted on the ratepayers. Bernard Orsman must have failed in his attempt to shorten communications lines between Albert Street and the Mayors office because he gets up Lyin’ Len this morning in the Herald.

Still with only $14 million pissed away this is on of Len Brown’s better investments.

A carparking building in Manukau that cost ratepayers $14 million to build is sitting virtually empty and slashing prices to attract vehicles.

The building has been called a “dog” by councillor Dick Quax and lauded by Mayor Len Brown as a transformational project for the Manukau community – few of whom are using it.

When the Herald visited yesterday, the top two levels of the seven-storey Ronwood Ave carpark were empty and there were just 10 vehicles on the top five levels, including five Auckland Council cars.

The first and second floors had 62 and 18 vehicles respectively, but overall the 680-space carpark hadan occupancy rate of just 13 per cent.


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  • grandstream

    Is this in the Herlad ? Dont tell me they will dare to question Lord Len in their lefty pages……what is the world coming to ? Maybe on a day where the PM opens a new factory in west auckland with 300 new jobs, teh media migth report that rather than teh 13 lost with closing a few barely used court rooms !

  • In Vino Veritas

    And this with parking fees slashed to $1 per hour, $6 per day and $4 per day for early birds. Though Brown says:
    “This project is an investement in the future of Manukau City….”
    When Red Len gets voted out, they’ll be able to write a reasonably extensive “Dogs and Lemons Guide” with regards to his legacy.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len brown is a fucking cunt.

    • I wouldn’t rate him that highly

      • Travis Poulson

        Perhaps a non-fucking cunt then.

  • A-random-reader

    You’re a strange fish Whale.

    You don’t support spending on public transport, but you don’t support spending on car related infrastructure either.

    • Vlad

      As a reader of the blog, I’m not too keen on Len spending my rates on a $32million whitewater rafting park in Manukau either. Or handing out my cash to the old troughers who race horses around Pukekohe so they can flossy it up for V8 supercars. Or blowing enormous amounts on an ill-thought out train set.

      • stinkeye

        32 million on this? How about he cuts the rates of everyone by $32mil, I’m sure that would be more appreciated then free baby sitting on dole night

    • Gazzaw

      Infrastructure is fine bit it’s quite handy to build it in the right place. Did they think to scope this project first?

      • grandstream

        Yes the did scope it. There are approx 15 different reports and feasibility studies commissioned for this project – roughly $1.5m in rate payer fund down the shiter. The assumptions for commercial growth and demand were never challeneged, and only one set of growth projections were used……the old saying lies, dam lies and statistics is at play here. Loopy Len was determined to build a monument in South Auckland. The building, like between his ears, is pretty vacant !

  • stinkeye

    What an idiot. Everyone knows the only place that people park cars in South Auckland is on the front lawn on bricks.

    Built it in Newmarket or the CBD with daily rates half the price of Wilson or Tournament rip-off and watch it cream in cash.

    But then again everything Len does is for the breeder useless scum who voted him in.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Is it “Leonard” or “Leonid”?

  • cows4me

    Oh no, surely not , a 14 mill dog paid for by the……………ratepayers. Thank God it wasn’t a nasty dam paid for by bludgers and taxpayers. Can’t have these things making money you know.

  • Hagues

    This carpark suffers from the same shortsightedness that plagues the new train station – built in the wrong location. Its a couple of hundred metres from the train station. Might have worked if built next to the station as a park-and-ride (and even better if the station was built under/next to the shopping mall). As it is both the station and car park are not close to anything and in a dark and dodgy looking area. Piss poor planning.