Sounds like a top bloke

The Green Taliban are attacking George Osborne, from the evidence supplied so far it looks like he is a top bloke:

The peer, a Government minister until September’s reshuffle, was secretly videoed by green campaigners suggesting that Mr Osborne was behind the about-turn.

Eco-campaigners have been alarmed by an apparent policy shift, with sceptic Tory ministers like Environment secretary Owen Paterson and energy minister John Hayes appointed to key positions in the Government.

In a seven-minute long video posted by Greenpeace on the internet on Wednesday, Lord Howell said that it was Mr Osborne, not Prime Minister David Cameron, who was behind the changes.

He said: “The Prime Minister is not familiar with these issues, does not understand them. Osborne is of course getting this message and is putting pressure on.”

Lord Howell, the father of Mr Osborne’s wife Frances, was a foreign office minister until September’s reshuffle and is an adviser to foreign secretary William Hague.

The peer also was recorded suggesting that Britain was relying too heavily on Qatar in the Middle East for liquid gas supplies.

He said: “Qatar is a great place and it’s full of skyscrapers and rich people. But it’s also rather near to a lot of Jihadists … If Qatar was just to – it’s about the size of Guildford – go into chaos, we would be up s— creek we really would.”


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  • sheppy

    Finally people are starting to see the brainwashing that’s gone on. Even the BBC have been caught out

  • Mediaan

    WO, you are hitting green on the wrong issues. It is their incompetence and fraud as environment disciples that is their big weakness.

    They are people who have never thought about ecology.

    Twit Kennedy Graham was pressing excessive printed pamphlets on to genuinely environmental people who were saying, earnestly, “No, I try to avoid paper for the environment.”. He just didn’t get it. He kept on pressing.

    Twittess Eugenie Sage (when she was part of the loopy Environment Canterbury, which hadn’t put out a water strategy for two decades so no business could feel secure building anything in Canterbury that required or discharged water) is even worse.
    When administering a scheme to cut down pine trees in the back blocks, she sent out multiple helicopters, with a pilot and a chainsaw operator in each. The coter hovered, the chainsaw operator in harness got out, he lowered himself carefully, he chopped the tree down, back up carefully, the helicopter moved on to the next tree.

    They don’t actually have a clue what they should be backing, so they jump like fleas on to anything that looks green.

  • Mediaan

    Funny story. There’s a homespun little Eco-products company called Burt’s Bees in the southern US. All the pretendies loved it. I’ll add a quote from it’s current website below to give you the idea. It had pictures of this old bearded bloke who made beeswax candles and lip balm from his beehives, and sold it off the back of his old pickup truck.

    Then five years ago, the pretendies couldn’t believe what they heard. No! Couldn’t be!

    Yep. Old jeans wearing Burt had sold it for US 915 million, to Clorox, the put-chlorine-in-drains people.

    Here’s something from their current website…
    “How we got started making lip balm and ended up in North Carolina is another story, and a long one at that, so I’ll save it for some other time. I do hope you enjoy looking through the website at all the stuff we make now. The honey and candles are gone, the kids are grown, our friend sold the schoolhouse and now it’s a tattoo parlor, and Burt bought a classic motorcycle with his earnings, but otherwise everything’s pretty much the same here at Burt’s Bees.”