That’s all fixed then

It’s quite clear from  last night’s news, that all is not well in the Labour camp.

Laying aside the fact that no-one wants to make any promises about the February Leadership vote, David Cunliffe also appears to have been gagged from talking to the media.


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  • Teletubby

    What a smarmy prick.

  • Troy

    And it reeks of the way that Clark led the party when in power (under the influence of H2, her very close confidant and bedfellow) – easy to see he is rattled, easy to see that the concept of freedom of speech does not apply to the Labour Party and the parasites that both belong to the party, and vote for it will be wondering how this will all play out…. who cares, the party will be an insignificant nothing during 2013 with Shearer bumbling along with knives stuck half way in his back. What a joy to see the Labour Party suffering.

  • Morgy

    And this is exactly why we will never win the hearts and minds…someone with more nous would show contrition (even if it was false) and let the rabble win the battle and just keep looking to win the war. But not Silent T. Dick!

    • And this is exactly why we will never win the hearts and minds…

      While he’s in is current frame of mind at least. There is hope for Cunliffe, if he can find it in himself to be humble.

      Shearer’s put him in the best place for him to do that (on the back bench).

  • Michael

    Gagged…. you mean choking on his own foot?

  • Cunliffe’s self-discipline in not breaking out the SEG (shit-eating grin) and not saying what he wanted to was commendable. But I doubt that said self-discipline will last.

  • Time For Accountability

    Leader – Shearer
    Recent Contenders: Robertson & Silent T

    Enter hate blog lobbying & Media interference.
    Silent T now perceived to be someone who has bad judgment and dubious supporters.
    Discontent simmers for Shearer and unless he takes media training he will be gone.
    Only leaves Robertson for the Rainbow faction.

    Party rules changed to allow easier leadership debate.
    Visit from NY.

    Hmm – NY Chess?
    The climate might be right for “Absolute Power 2”

    I also sense positioning for “New Labour”

  • GregM

    This is far from over. I would give it one month before it all kicks off again.

  • Gazzaw

    And to think that he’s the best they’ve got!

  • JeffDaRef

    I cant believe that after (I assume) copping a kicking from the party he can still be so smarmy and full of himself!

    No doubt after watching the Umm of the Day clip the red rank and file will be confident they have the right man to eloquently and assuredly lead them to victory in 2014…ummm…i mean…

    How much would you pay to watch a Leaders Debate right now?