The guitar makes a comeback

Things are getting rather dire for David Shearer, in desperate need of a distraction he has pulled out the guitar again.

If Helen Clark wondered whether the stress of David Shearer’s job was getting on top of him, she got her answer late on Tuesday night when she popped into his office to find him sitting back playing his guitar.

Earlier that night, Clark had spoken at Victoria University and then had dinner with about 20 Labour MPs. Shearer did not go to either event.

He won’t say what Clark and he discussed in their meeting, other than that they agreed Opposition leader was “a pretty tough job”.

The guitar is his way of relaxing, and the fact that he was relaxed about Clark – a notorious workaholic – catching him playing it speaks volumes.

He barely knows Clark, although he inherited first her electorate and then her job as party leader. His obvious lack of idolatory of her is an indication he is not your typical Labour leader.

For a start, his office lacks the requisite photo of that other Labour icon, Michael Joseph Savage. He says there are a couple in his electorate office; one was left by the previous tenant – Helen Clark – and the other is of origin unknown.

That’s another nail in Shearer’s coffin…no photo of MJS on his wall…plus the capital offence of not fawning over Dear Leader.


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  • Patrick

    Get real – he was holding the guitar to protect himself in case Klarkenfuhrer started beating on him

  • Auto_Immune

    It’s a shame that Shearer is useless at articulation and might get rolled. The fact that he’s not beholden to Clark should of really been a benefit of his leadership.

  • BR

    Don’t give up your day job David.

    On second thoughts……..