The gutlessness of Labour

The Labour party disgusts me.

Not for their socialism, rather for their squeamishness and gutless-ness.

For the whole week leading up to the conference there were two possible coups in motion. David Cunliffe’s crowd were busily white-anting David Shearer and Grant Robertson was quietly mobilising the luvvies to support him. Robertson though bottled it cancelling his planned coup at the last minute on Thursday leaving some perplexed at his behaviour.

Meanwhile the conference began it became clear that the membership were angry. The unions were angry and right up until David Shearer strode into the room on Sunday many in Labour were calling for his head.

And then the whole Labour party bottled it. They began furiously tweeting up a storm about this new David Shearer, one they hadn’t seen before, one who delivered a single speech they agreed with…and now they are convinced that he is their man.


David Shearer is a good man. But for the same conference that was baying for his blood on Saturday to suddenly volte face on the basis on one speech loaded with bribes shows just how fickle and gutless their base is. They do not deserve to be in government if they can’t handle a bit of blood and guts. They don’t deserve to be in government if they flip flop on the basis of a good speech.

Basically Labour lacks the stones to lead. They can’t even have a proper coup.

Come February though we will finally see the blood and guts. The time in between though is going to be fun.


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  • conwaycaptain

    You realise that the Conf was on over the Ides of November!!!!!
    No one with the guts or sheer cunning of a Cassius or Brutus.

  • tony

    “…many in labour were calling for head.”

    Was the prostitute’s collective at the conference as well, WO?

  • Doug

    I’m picking all this infighting will go on until the next Election. Once the old fossils announce their retirement another bloodletting will start. Who gets to sit in the preferred seats it will start a big row “popcorn handy”

  • Thakur Ranjit Singh

    Agreed, gutless and no stomach for blood. They should have learnt from their Labour Party in Australia, and done what Gillard did on Rudd. But too sissy caucus. They did not even listen to their Local Electorate Councils to vote for the person they wanted-Cunliffe. No wonder there was been amendment to constitution pass the power back to LEC as caucus cannot be trusted to carry the wishes of LECs, as MPs have vested interests and suck to most likely leader for personal gains.

  • Gazzaw

    If you want a good laugh take a look at Mike Smith’s post over at the Stranded. We all know Mike, a regular troller here. Judging by the comments his opinions are just as valued by the left as they are here.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    So you agree that Sheep delivered the speech of his life that changed everything. They are winning bro.

  • Richard McGrath

    Come on Cam, their socialism is pretty disgusting too…

  • cows4me

    What a ship of fools , they hit an iceberg and are taking on water and what do they do , they want to change the captain. She’s going down baby.

  • The king is dead – long live the king! I not going to complain at all; the longer they stay this disorganized publicly the more the people will recognize that they don’t have the right stuff to run a country. Everyone wins when our country is run in a relatively sane manner.