The King is Dead, Read the Full Story

We are releasing the full story online about Phil Kitchin, the Dompost and Greg King.

All the while the Dompost remains silent despite feeling the need to report live from the funeral and photograph people in grief. The only thing they seem not to have done is properly answer the questions that TRUTH asked. Other media organisations are asking far the editor has been obtuse.

TRUTH has uncovered that in the days leading up to the death of Greg King, the Dom Post was preparing to publish a damning article on King.

Like many New Zealanders, Truth is a huge fan of Greg King and the work he has done. We are very mindful of the profound grief his family and close friends must be feeling at this time but the information in our possession is far too important to be left untold.

Greg King was facing enormous pressure. His health was deteriorating and his workload was incredible. This was a man who just could not say no to helping people.

It is our belief that this pressure reached boiling point when King discovered that the Dominion Post was about to break a story on him and the legal aid system.

…Read the full story at Truth’s website.


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  • Phar Lap

    Some of the dogs around Wellington are barking how he died and with what? Also the personal reasons,over and above the DOOM-POST’S alleged allegations.

    • Well aware of all the rumours, but also well aware of all the facts too. The Dompost are doomed by their silence.

  • Ford

    The Truth? i know its all crap..i wouldnt beleive any of the dribble other than the deteriorating health story

    • Hagues

      So how come the DomPost haven’t come out and categorically denied contacting King about a story right before his death?

      • Honcho

        That is the question that needs to be continuously asked.

      • They ahven;t done any such thing…they said we were “wrong”. I stand by everything in the article. I think the Dompost are going to be very embarrassed.

    • You know fuck all and continue to prove it.

      • Ford

        i certainly dont listen to dribble that comes from your mouth

        • You hang around here like a bad smell commenting all the time, so the evidence suggest that in fact you do…which makes you a liar.

  • A-random-reader

    So the Truth is criticising the Dom Post for preparing to publish a damning article?

    That is hypocrisy of the highest order! The Truth became infamous by publishing damning articles that ruined the reputations of those it named.

  • George

    The Dominion Post has disgraced itself and I will never trust Bernadette Courtney or Phil Kitchin again – both of them should resign immediately. They are responsible for destroying one of our most talented criminal barristers. Shame on them!

    • Tristanb

      I didn’t read “The Truth” article? Did they murder him or something?

      There is only one person responsible for a suicide. (Unless in rare circumstances such as threats against family and torture.)

      Sure other people may influence, prevent or predispose someone to do it. But the responsibility lies in the one with the syringe, gun or noose.

      Otherwise when anyone bugs someone who later kills themselves, they’re could be held responsible.

      No-one is responsible for your mental health except yourself.

  • Slightly OT, but I see on the Truth website there’s a column from Ross Meurant. I thought he had resigned along with Martyn What’s-his-face. Perhaps Martyn doesn’t have as much sway as he thought he did.

    Bad form by the Dom-Post on King. A story’s a story, but if they screwed up, they should front-foot it and ‘fess up. They know it’ll all come out in the wash at some point.

    • Travis Poulson

      Nah, they’ll try and bury it, let it fester, then when it does come out it’ll look all the more screwed for trying to bury it.

    • Ross has come back into the fold….several phone calls…only Martyn bolted.

  • The same could be said of Police investigations which name the suspect even before an arrest is made – especially if the person named is later found to be innocent as has happened, yet again, in Western Australia. The victim this time was, ironically, a prominent lawyer, who’s been put through seven years of hell by Police behaviour a Chief Justice described as ranging from “unacceptable” to “reprehensible”.

    As A-random-reader points out, it’s to be hoped that under your editorship Truth returns to breaking strong investigative leads. You can’t run a story without talking to the subject so you’re going to find yourself in a similar position, of making a judgement as to whether there’s enough in a story to justify first approaching the subject and then running it.

    Sometimes you’ll be tempted to use the old investigative journalist (and police) trick of exaggerating the evidence you have to see if the subject will break down and confess all. It’s not a nice business but, like policing, it’s a necessary one.

    Perhaps you might use your power as editor to try to spark a national debate about naming in the media those not found guilty of any crime. Is suspicion enough to justify ruining a person’s life? What about arrest, given that a large proportion of those arrested are later found not guilty?

    King may well have been a victim of trial by media, but let’s not pretend that dozens of others aren’t also, but don’t have the benefit of Truth leaping to their defence. Such cases don’t always end as tragically as this, but lives are destroyed nonetheless and it’s time we faced up to the fact that it’s public demand for salacious gossip that drives it. The media merely deliver to us whatever sells papers or draws viewers.

    • Justiticus

      It would be interesting to know about the legal aid system as it applies to many lawyers. Certainly a number have come under scrutiny for what some would see as huge amounts of taxpayers money ending up in their pockets.
      Naturally when anyone dies our sympathies lie with the family and our comments are tempered, but I’ve always thought it was a great conundrum as to why lawyers in general earn respect when it is not only innocent people they assist. It must be wonderful to see an innocent person go free, but is it so good when the guilty ones also escape justice?

      • In such cases I apply the old maxim: better 100 guilty men go free than one innocent man is imprisoned. Of course we have to keep trying to improve the system so NO guilty men go free, but till we do…

  • greybeard

    So… where is ‘the full story’ ?

    All I read in the “Truth” article was an appreciation of the work done by Mr. King and recognition of his character, some unsubstantiated reference to something reportedly disclosed by “Sources close to the family”, followed by a whole lot of questions.

  • RightOfGenghis

    I’m still waiting for the ‘full story’

  • Lola Loas

    Just read that the cause of death was gunshot. I hope if suicide is confirmed, we can start a dialogue on it. Greg was precious, brilliant and ultimately vulnerable. First time, but supporting whale blog in the truth article. Dom Post should come clean. Maybe we all can learn something. RIP GregKing