The saddest man in NZ?

Surely this guy must be the saddest man in NZ – that this is the pinnacle of consumerism – what’s more someone wants to buy it.

So, so, sad.


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  • Travis Poulson

    Some Lada lovin’, check out the guy sitting on the road at 1:20

    • amerikiwi77

      What’s up with Eastern Europeans and video cameras in cars? I’d guess 90% of crash videos (from the perspective of drivers) on Youtube are Eastern European in origin. just say’n

      • Rodger T

        A requirement by insurance companies ,I believe, due to the high rate of insurance scams.

  • stinkeye

    1991? 14000kms? , NZ new with a towbar?


    • Mark

      According to Motorweb the 14,000km is correct and it is NZ new.

    • Mark D

      He must be a glutton for punishment to have managed 14000 kms in a Lada, Even over 21 years. At an average speed of 20 kmph (it’s a Lada), that 700 hours driving and another 700 hours being broken down. The guy deserves a medal.

  • Changeiscoming

    I thought that title belong to that closet socialist DPF :)

  • anonymouse

    It’s not called the People’s Republic of Christchurch for nothing

  • danbrenton

    Those cars were bad-ass as long as you got them second hand (so the previous owner ironed out all the weird problems) – not so much the sedans but the Cossak was a half decent 4×4

    • tarkwin

      We used to tow a campomatic up to the to of Muriwai with one, went really well in the sand. Problem was 100 km on the highway was full noise and it sounded like it was going to fly to pieces.

  • Neil

    Not sure about being the saddest – but then he could be ‘cos he’s selling it….

  • tarkwin

    At least he’s got a sense of humour – seven grand must be a joke.

  • conwaycaptain

    In the 70’s and 80’s we used to take a mass of these and the Cossack down to ChCh on the Coastal Trader.
    They were imported to pay for the butter and mutton that NZ supplied the Soviet Union. Many of the Cossacks went to the Min Of Works for use on the dam building sites in the S Island

    • Patrick

      So you are responsible for this then? Why wasn’t this cargo ditched at sea?
      A sea burial would be the most appropriate end for this Soviet sh1te

    • Auto_Immune

      I know the US would have never approved the deal, but I wished we could of swapped our butter for MiGs instead.

  • Patrick

    Probably wears a cardigan & roman sandles with white knee high socks.
    Looks the sort of car that would interest David Bain

  • GregM

    Many years ago I traded a Skoda in on a Lada. Had a bloody good run out of both of them.

    • Travis Poulson

      Oh don’t go and ruin my respectful perspective of you Greg!

    • dyannt

      Back in the seventies, (before quad bikes) we had a SKoda (bright orange) on the farm. Brilliant. It’d just about go anywhere.

      • RightOfGenghis

        In the 70’s we had a skoda in disguise. It was called a Trekka. I recall Dad saying it had a ‘limited slip diff’. I used to go around boasting about this while we waited for the thing to be repaired

  • Rodger T

    David Shearers car?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Ladas are cool, funny people drive them, always good for a laugh!

  • conwaycaptain

    If you think the Lada were bad ever drive a Trabant??? I was in Cephallonia in Greece and hired a car and it was a Trabant. 3 forward gears and absolutely gutlkess.