Those hippies are getting what???

Yesterday I blogged about Greenpeace wanting to resume their taxfree status.

Check out this from their latest Annual Report. New Zealand is a good money earner for Greenpeace.  While we are behind a number of countries remember this is off a population base of 4 million citizens. Africa have over 1 billion, Japan – 128 million, Chile – 17 million, Brazil – 196 million. We are just in front of Italy and they have 15 times our population with 60 million citizens! Argentina just ahead of us with 40 million.

On top of that they are paying top dollar fro professional fundraisers as well:

Greenpeace Job


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  • GregM

    So the smelly hippie moaning about the 1% is earning $70k? Hypocrites much?

  • Hillary Green

    If the new Board Members of the Government’s Internal Affairs – Charities approve Greenpeace’s charitable status again, they will make a mockery of the entire rort that is the Charities system. Greenpeace is a multi-million dollar business and is about as close to a charity as Bomber Bradbury is to the National government.

    Paying hippies to cruise around the countryside hounding Kiwis for donations/subscriptions over Christmas as “a great way to see the country” is simply offensive. Keep out of my way you smelly hippies.

    • Agent BallSack

      We don’t use Martyns self appointed first name here. Several epithets we do use are “Failed Blogger Martyn Bradbury” “Real Estate Agent Martyn Bradbury” “Failed Radio Host Martyn Brabdbury” “Ex Truth columnist Martyn Bradbury” or simply “Bummer Bradbury”

  • Mike

    Notice how there are no middle eastern countries on that list, despite some of them being filthy rich thanks to their oil reserves, and being huge polluters to boot. Greenpeace only targets countries where the populations are conditioned by socialism to feel guilty for having the cheek to exist and use planetary resources.

  • tarkwin

    On a similar subject, Damien Grant wrote a great article in the HOS showing how inept Russell Norman is when it comes to understanding finance and the banking industry. As he says Norman is a joke but he could be minister of finance after the next election – God help us if that happens. The only ones who will do any good will be Greenpeace.

    • ploughboy007

      norman got owned on close up on friday night a.debate on how easy it was to do bussiness in nz. dont know who the other guy was but he sat him on his arse

      • In Vino Veritas

        Kim Campbell, EMA. Did Norman like a dinner.

  • HaydenNZ

    Yeah. I never supported them for this reason. They are a paid mob.

  • cows4me

    “We are just in front of Italy and they have 15 times our population” and this is a good thing? Why we would wish to brag about the amount of money we throw at these commie wanna bees is beyond me. As far as I’m concerned these should be figures to be ashamed of.

  • jedmo

    That Appeal Court ruling seems to have a PC / feelgood element? A Realpolitik-er would give a good argument, for nuclear weapons having maintained peace, over a decent span of time.

  • stinkeye

    Is this pre or post Normans inflation? If its post that’s only minimum wage.

  • Do people really not realize how much money there is to be made in charities/trusts these days? environmentalists, hospices, cancer charities, churches etc. Sadly enough there is pretty much always someone getting a pretty good pay packet while ‘heading’ the organization that is collecting the money from the mislead. Perhaps Cam and the Owl should look at naming and shaming a few of those – I’m pretty sure only a small amount of digging would be required…