Tories ditch no poofters rule

The Conservative party is getting with the times:

George Osborne last night placed same-sex marriage at the centre of the Tories’ bid to win the next election.

Invoking the politics of Margaret Thatcher, the Chancellor urged his party to get in step with “people and how they want to live their lives” if they wished to stay in power.

His call came in an analysis of why Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in the US election despite rising unemployment and even polls suggesting that the Republican candidate was trusted more to turn the economy around.

Mr Osborne said that the Republicans had lost “swathes of voters” because of their traditionalist positions on social issues.

His comments represent a break from conventional political wisdom about what wins elections summed up by the strategists behind Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 campaign: “It’s the economy, stupid”.

He said the Republicans’ position on abortion had alienated women voters while Mr Obama’s gamble on publicly endorsing gay marriage appeared to have paid off.


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  • Changeiscoming


    I certainly hope that due to the ever increasing Muslim population in the UK that they are consistant and call for immediate changes to include Polygamy as a legal marrage. How intolerant and hateful of them if they dont allow for the fundermental “rights” of the largest religous group in the country. Whats more it will surely be a great vote winner.
    Another Sigh…

  • Jman

    Actually it’s the demography stupid. Romney won white votes by a significant margin while Obama won Latinos and Blacks overwhelmingly. This despite the fact that Blacks and Latinos are far more socially conservative than whites who are the most socially liberal demographic of the 3. Blacks and Latinos voted for a welfare state while Whites voted for personal responsibility. Obama may have won some white votes because of his stance on gay marriage, but thats not what won him the election.

  • LesleyNZ

    Anything to get a vote.

  • Tristanb

    “Tories ditch no poofters rule”

    Please don’t use that word. I find it extremely offensive. What you’re doing is promoting hate.

    It’s “Conservative Party member” not “Tory”.

  • cows4me

    George Osborne is a fucken dick . So if the voters wanted politicians to jump of a bridge in a chance it may gain a few votes I take it this two bob would be the first to oblige? What’s happen to morals and principles, some fucking politicians would sale their souls for a whiff of power. I would rather lose then sale out to the bleating masses and the politically correct tossers.