Wealthy Bludging Ratbags

This is what happens when you get a Labor government. They put everyone on the drip feed, not just those who need it. So instead of targeted assistance for those who need it everyone gets it.

THE richest fifth of households receive nearly half of all the wages paid in Australia but also get about 12 per cent of all government handouts, new research by the Bureau of Statistics shows.

The findings not only highlight big income disparities across the community but raise questions about the scale of “middle-class welfare” flowing to well-off families.

The richest fifth of households had nearly three-quarters of all savings.

The bureau has for the first time measured household inequality with the same data it uses to calculate key national economic indicators such as gross domestic product.

It revealed the poorest 20 per cent of households receive just 2.5 per cent of the nation’s wages and salaries in 2009-10 while the richest 20 per cent gets about 47 per cent. When income, government cash payments and social transfers in kind (such as public education and healthcare) are taken into account the poorest fifth’s share of “adjusted disposable income” was 11 per cent and the richest fifth 36 per cent.


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  • unitedtribes

    Some good insentives there I say. Get rich, try harder.

  • I am not sure what your angle is here Cameron. Bludging is a fairly subjective term but more importantly, I would say to call rich people bludgers is an oxymoron. Not only do they pay the most tax, but they employ the most people and give the most to charity….and the prop up the political parties which means they are the dollars behind the farce we call western democracy.

    “So instead of targeted assistance”? Please clarify. If you mean assistance for anyone faced with circumstances beyond their control (serious illness, victim of crime, accident as a result of other people’s actions or natural disasters) then I agree. But if you mean assistance for low income people (I include all families with 2 or more kids under $60k here) who choose to get knocked up time & time again and/or buy things they cant afford on one wage which puts them and their child/ren into a state of deprivation, then no. Absolutely not.

    “THE richest fifth of households receive nearly half of all the wages paid in Australia but also get about 12 per cent of all government handouts”

    This statement misses the fact that the richest 5th would also pay over 90% of the taxes collected and benefits paid out. 12% is therefore a fairly crap return so I say good on them.

    If we cant scrap welfare then we may as well ensure that those who pay the most towards it get something back too.

    In fact, I would say we should start a bit of reverse psychology: the richer you get and the less kids you have the more money you get from the State.

  • Richard McGrath

    One could argue the rich are taking back that which was stolen from them, using the wefare system set up by the very same state that sanctioned the original theft. Good reason to cut both taxes and benefits for the wealthy, as a start to further tax cuts.