What Farrar knows about music

Our pinko mate is obviously not pink enough for the socialists who think the state should fund them in pursuit of their hobbies.

Anyways.. What does his fat asshole know about music? Stick to politics David, your whole face looks like a dickhead.

Farrar knows there is fuck all point in giving money to the bludgers in the arts community because they just whinge about not getting enough and then abuse National anyway.

We should just cut all arts funding and let them provide music that people want to pay for.


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  • Mike Smith

    Quality piece of writing. Love that fifties ‘pinko’ comment to give it that quaint feel!

  • maninblack
    • Michael

      Karma’s a bitch

    • Tristanb

      Okay, remind me never to insult DPF on Twitter!

    • Travis Poulson

      Good job.

  • Patrick

    Stopped reading his rubbih ages ago – far to left wing & a complete softcock

  • In Vino Veritas

    Clearly the writer of “what does his fat arsehole know about music” is also in the same boat as Farrer then. Nothing in the snippets of noise made by Homebrew that I have heard could even loosely be considered music.

  • Jonny

    DPF is far to nice. I wish that talentless little prick would try take Whale on. I would like nothing more than for him to discover what it is like when the full wrath of WhaleOil is upon him.

    Cameron, make him your next project :D