$90, that’s all?

The Owl has found out something interesting in the NZEI accounts.

I kid you not $90.00 is all NZEI spent is all they spent on Teachers Professionalism

I watched on TV last night Ian Leckie, with a smirk on his face, talk about how the NZEI gave the Government a blood nose.

I can see both sides of the argument and something had to change.

I thought to myself I would see what the NZEI spends on professional teaching development.

I kid you not! $90.00

Owls Observation

The recently filed 2011 accounts has income of $17.7M. They made a massive loss as well.

Under expenditure, all on its own, the accounts have an expenditure classification line called “Teachers Professionalism” $90.00. Things must have be tough at NZEI because last year the spent $13,641.00

To rub salt into the wound, the next line reads “Teaching and Learning” $1,303.00

But it is all ok because the NZEI Union staff spent $531,598.00 on Pension Funds for themselves. Up from $478,219.00

As always the Owl only uses information freely available in the public domain

What is the NZEI all about – I struggle  if all they can afford is $90.00 on teacher development – this is a very serious concern that $17.7M is spent on union staff, international travel, conferences and a whopping $1.8M on strategy!

I repeat $90.00!


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  • coventry

    $90.00 sounds like a subscription to a magazine – wonder which one ?

    • Dave

      Probably their annual subscription to “Truth” they want to know what is being said about them, great investment at that price, they should get one for each office.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Whiffy, whiffy, whiffy.

    Surely the Auditor General, SFO and ERA will want to understand this – because don’t these guys receive millions from various govtn dept’s for things like “Training & development” “H&S” etc… but they only spent $90??

    Seems some brilliant sunlight would have 2 benefits – firstly, disinfecting tainted and highly suspicious accounts.. and secondly – lift the lid on corruption exposing it to brilliant sunshine and just watch the cockroaches scurry to dark corners…

    The on-going obfuscating of accounts by the unions really needs to stop – where do we complain and to whom to get some official over-sight into these actions?

    If unions were finance companies – the Directors would be locked up by now – so why the difference in treatment?

    • Gazzaw

      The big problem BIT seems to be exposing this and other union corruption to brilliant sunlight. It gets plenty of exposure here but it will be a snowy day in hell before we see it on the front page of the Herald.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    As has been suggested by comments here previously, these people are not about the kids or quality of education.

  • Muffin

    Why isn’t the msm all over this? It’s theft.

  • Bunswalla

    Don’t understand the kerfuffle Owl. These bludgers believe it’s the employer’s (read Gummint’s) job to make them professional, so why would they waste any of their union income on developing professionalism?
    Unless it’s to be more professional at whining and refusing to do what their employer tells them – in which case they’re already very good at it so I can see why they don’t think they need to do any more in that area.

  • Liberty

    “a whopping $1.8M on

    Printing professional signs?
    So that manipulated children can protest against a school closing.

  • TJ_NZ

    One would assume the vast majority of a unions work is staff time, i.e. salaries and wages. As these are required to be disclosed separately whatever it is they do would be wrapped up in there.

    I don’t think you are bettering your cause squabbling over the name of a line of expenses for $90.