$90, that’s all?

The Owl has found out something interesting in the NZEI accounts.

I kid you not $90.00 is all NZEI spent is all they spent on Teachers Professionalism

I watched on TV last night Ian Leckie, with a smirk on his face, talk about how the NZEI gave the Government a blood nose.

I can see both sides of the argument and something had to change.

I thought to myself I would see what the NZEI spends on professional teaching development.

I kid you not! $90.00

Owls Observation

The recently filed 2011 accounts has income of $17.7M. They made a massive loss as well.

Under expenditure, all on its own, the accounts have an expenditure classification line called ?Teachers Professionalism? $90.00. Things must have be tough at NZEI because last year the spent $13,641.00

To rub salt into the wound, the next line reads ?Teaching and Learning? $1,303.00

But it is all ok because the NZEI Union staff spent $531,598.00 on Pension Funds for themselves. Up from $478,219.00

As always the Owl only uses information freely available in the public domain

What is the NZEI all about ? I struggle? if all they can afford is $90.00 on teacher development ? this is a very serious concern that $17.7M is spent on union staff, international travel, conferences and a whopping $1.8M on strategy!

I repeat $90.00!