A great idea

Michael Gove comes up with fantastic ideas. This one has real merit especially for Hekia Parata to try out on stroppy teachers in Christchurch. the only question is whether or not John Key has the stones to take on the unions. I’ll clue him in on something though…they sure as hell are going to take him on…so if there is going to be a fight then at least make it over something worthwhile rather than just letting the teacher unions cause endless grief.

Teachers should have their pay docked if they ?work to rule? in protests against the Government’s school reforms, the Education Secretary has said.

In an escalation of tensions with trade unions, Michael Gove has written to head teachers urging a “robust response” towards all staff who take part in a new wave of industrial action.

The Cabinet minister condemned the ?irresponsible? unions for telling teachers to stick narrowly to their job descriptions and refuse any extra tasks. This disrupts the education of children and causes long-term “damage to pupil outcomes”, he said.

Mr Gove said pay can legitimately be docked from teachers who attempt this kind of behaviour, which he described as “damaging the reputation of the profession”.

The Government?s relationship with the teaching unions has deteriorated since George Osborne outlined plans to link teachers’ pay to classroom standards in the Autumn Statement last week.

The unions are already angry at the Government?s ?erosion of working conditions and pay? and ministers? ?daily criticisms? of the profession.

Yeah well boo hoo to the teachers.