A little bit of history

Every now and then it is pertinent to remind?people?of that they have said in the past.

Back in December 2011 in the middle of Labour’s leadership wrangle there was talk about Labour apparatchiks comparing ip addresses and trying to identify commenters. I blogged about it….and Lynn Prentice had a go at me about it.


Man Cameron is illiterate. You can see that he has never figured out what Occam?s razor is (probably thinks it is a weapon knowing him).

So what I reckon is happening is they are getting the ip addresses of negative commenters against Shearer at The Standard and then comparing those ip addresses with comments at Red Alert in order to match email addresses from commenters. Then intimidating them to fall into line behind Team Shearer.

Now why would anyone jump between two sites like that for. He uses wordpress stand-alone himself, so would he assume that IP numbers and e-mail addresses are stored on different sites. I guess that he can?t get a good conspiracy theory going without it.

And wasn?t it just last week that he was saying that this site was run by Cunliffe supporters? The reality is that there were supporters of both camps amongst authors, editors, and commentators. Plus a number who like me, think that both choices had problems?

I expect a long and vitriolic post now from Lynn Prentice decrying this post as muck-raking, but all I am doing is commenting on comments made and confirmed on his site.

Typical Whale. Has nothing to do with the fact that he routinely lies?

Considering what is currently happening inside Labour and all the comments about that issue, I thought it might be funny to remind the world’s best and most talented sysop just exactly what he said back then.

I won’t be expecting an apology anytime soon.