A Message from The Owl

Festive season wishes from the Owl

Firstly I would like to thank all the people who have read and commented on my observations on Whale Oil. A big thank you to Cameron Slater who to this day doesn?t really know who I am yet allowed me to publish freely on his blog.

I have never done any of this for any financial gain, reward or recognition. While the majority of my observations were for the benefit of union members I was pleased that four times during the year my Observations were recognised.

  1. Chris Trotter wrote that I was mis-guided in my direction and understanding of union finances. I think I won that discussion point.
  2. Andrew Little showed his true colours when he wrote ?the only parasites are employers? and was challenged in parliament ? that comment will hurt his political career with the 1 million self employed business people in New Zealand
  3. But finally in 2012 we saw Unions start to file their accounts and some had to spend thousands filing correct returns.
  4. We uncovered finally that Unions were failing to disclose millions in funds and expenditure

Secondly ? I believe my policy of always apologizing if wrong and only using information freely available in the public domain meant I could sleep each night knowing that I hadn?t gone into the ?dark world? of reporting. All I have ever done is read what people put out and observed.

Finally I have only one goal for 2013 ? NZCTU is held accountable for the complete lack of governance and to be finally shown to be nothing but a cult wasting millions of member?s funds. I hope ACC pulls all their funding because under the Health & Saftey programs ? NZCTU have just failed completely to deliver on the program that they were contracted to do.

The Owl retires