Ahem…told ya

People jump to conclusions way to fast. A case in point is the hounding of two DJ after a mentally ill nurse used some pressure as a reason to top herself:

The nurse who committed suicide after answering a hoax call about the Duchess of Cambridge had been treated for depression after a previous suicide attempt, it was claimed yesterday.

Jacintha Saldanha, who killed herself days after the hoax phone call from two Australian radio DJs, was admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward following two apparent suicide bids.

She reportedly took an overdose of pills during a family visit to India last December and tried to commit suicide again just nine days later by jumping from a building.

Mrs Saldanha, 46, was kept in intensive care for two days before she received psychiatric care and was reportedly prescribed a nine-month course of anti-depressants.

Her family has previously denied any history of depression, and yesterday refused to comment on the reports about her previous suicide attempts in Mangalore, southern India.

They have sent letters to the Australian radio station which broadcast the hoax and King Edward VII Hospital in London, where Mrs Saldanha worked and the Duchess of Cambridge was treated for acute morning sickness.

The grieving family asked if there was any indication that the nurse was under ?increased pressure or stress? in the weeks before her death, or if she was ?spoken to? by a matron by telephone a day after the prank call.

Mrs Saldanha was found hanged with a scarf at her living quarters at the Central London hospital on December 7.

As I said at the time, the only person responsible for her death was her. No one else. The radio DJs couldn’t possible know that this woman was utterly fragile.

The online outrage was ridiculous…and I said so at the time.

Note one other thing…the brutal honesty of UK reporting. In New Zealand this sort of reporting in stories about suicide is forbidden…our laws need updating.