An email from a reader

A reader emails:

WO – I had the misfortune of sitting next to?Helen?Kelly?on a flight to Auckland from Wellington today.? I quickly tried to swap my seat with a colleague who wasn?t interested.? As I sat and listened to her babble to the other person in the row, a few things became evident:

1) I didn?t become enraged. I was expecting to be so mad at being in such close proximity to her.? I did feel like I needed a shower when I got to the office.

2) Bob Jones should/would have her top of the list of those to be beheaded and left in the forest.

3) She has no idea about the real world.? It was amazing to hear about all her wonderful overseas holidays paid for by the unions.? She indeed has had some great holidays.? Most unions members couldn?t dream of the exotic locations she has been too.

4) Every negative statistic she uses is “since 2008”.? It?s like everything in the world was fine until John Key came to power.? She is as deluded as Winston.

5) She hates this Govt and blames it for everything, child death, Australian freight monopolies, tax injustices, and the Hobbit.

6) The rude bitch talked all the way through the inflight safety video featuring the Hobbit and Peter Jackson.? The least she could have done is hung her head in SHAME

7) She doesn?t charge her iPhone overnight. And once it was on in Auckland, there was a flood of texts from Carol Beaumont…..which leads me to:

8) She hates this govt.

9) Why did she also have a number of emails from an off-shore bank in her inbox ?

10) She needs to get her eyes tested.

11) Apparently she has a son ????? I thought she was a friend of Dorothy

People are so indiscreet on airplanes…don’t they realise that phones with retina displays are really easy to read.