Another Bain Compensation Review Needed

Farrar over at Kiwiblog says another review into the Bain compensation is inevitable:

So there seem to be three options going forward:

  1. Pay Bain compensation, despite the documented inadequacies of the Binnie report.
  2. Do not pay Bain compensation, on the basis that the Binnie report has failed to make the case that he is innocent.
  3. Ask someone to do another report on Bain?s likely innocence, and make a decision on compensation based on that.

I don?t think anyone expects (1) will occur. Nor should it occur.

I think (2) would be rather unfair to David Bain. It is not his fault that Binnie?s report was sub-standard. He shouldn?t lose his chance for compensation because of it.

So inevitable we need another report.

Farrar also says

Was pleased to have commenters discover or point out that no less than three law professors have actually commented publicly on this issue. And it appears they have all concluded that they agree with Fisher?s critique.

After all the accusations flying around, isn’t it nice to see Judith Collins vindicated?

She should ask for our $400,000 back.