Art of the Day

It is coming to the end of the school year and so the kids come home with stuff…and you get to find out what they have been up to all year…like this art work Master Whaleoil has completed.

I think it is pretty cool.


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  • Random66

    That is really special. I love his use of colour and pattern. The clockface just gives it that other dimension as well. I would frame it, (as I would the childrens as well), and place them over the walls for all to admire and appreciate. Children’s artwork around the home gives the place a loved and family feeling.

  • Teachersrock

    Goodness and he did that all under the guidance of an evil teacher. How amazing.

    • Jester

      Probably completed unsupervised, whilst the teacher was on facebook no doubt.
      Furthermore, judging by the tranquil scenes portrayed and general balance of the piece I cant see the hand of the left being involved in this creation at all.

    • I understand your point, but there are some really basic rules. Such as, we don’t use people’s children to score points against their parents.

      The fact you are a teacher yourself makes that even more a requirement, wouldn’t you say?

      You need your judgement adjusted.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Straw man. Being against teacher unions is not the same as being against teachers.

    • Dave

      You forget TeachersCock, Meg, Kosh……. Master Whale is most likely taught by a Teacher who has been through the same system as you, so your comment about an evil teacher applies to your profession as well. Not all teachers are evil Kosh, only the ones who are so blind they cant see, the ones who try and influence their pupils to their own personal point of view. Excellent painting Cameron, colorful and descriptive, definitely deserves a place on a prominent wall.

  • phronesis

    He could be the first ever right wing Fine Arts graduate.

  • chwaga

    What a beauty…it deserves a space on your wall…..we have paintings by all our grandchildren framed on our walls and they give us endless pleasure

  • GregM

    Yep, I like it.

    • Random66

      Can’t you just imagine it proudly displayed up on the wall beside all those deer head tropheys and perhaps the odd pig head (complete with tusks). Ahh the homely feel.

  • Whafe

    Me likey, very cool use of colour for sure…
    It’s a keeper, look mint framed up..