Babes And Beasts Of The IDF

It’s nothing new that the wall around Gaza contains some naughty rocket hugging Fakestinians. And there’s no better way to tell off the rock chuckers than with some stern words from the babes of the IDF via a loudspeaker from a Guardium UGV, or Unmanned Ground Vehicle. These beasts really are a step up in technology in patrolling borders and boundaries of disputed territories.

“Back in the control room, soldiers ? all of whom are women ? operate the Guardium with joysticks, gear pedals, a steering wheel and monitors that broadcast a live feed from the field.

Soldiers who want to join the Guardium unit must have a drivers license for automatic and manual transmissions. ?Applicants must be able to focus intensively since the job demands being glued to a screen without interruption for six hour shifts.?

All that’s needed now is to arm it with a pair of .50 cal automatic weapons.