Benefit fraud gets you deregistered, Arrange a gang hit and they let you carry on regardless

Don’t you just love teachers and their governing body. Check out the stats from the Teachers’ Council.

Hitting a pupil with a chair, grooming a young girl for sex and a $60,000 benefit fraud were among the charges that saw teachers struck off this year.

Others, including one who arranged for a gang hit on a principal, were censured for serious misconduct and had strict conditions put on their practising licences.

Statistics released under the Official Information Act show nine male and six female teachers had their registration with the Teachers Council cancelled this year. Registration certifies that a teacher is trained, qualified and suitable to be a teacher, and is compulsory in all state schools.

Compulsory registration is working so well, and consistently isn’t it??

According to Ian Leckie the system is perfect…where a kiddy fiddler gets banned, and a benefit fraudster but the teacher who arranged a hit on her boss by a gang got a?slap?on?the?wrist with a wet bus ticket.

Leckie said that while pupils would often test teachers, it was up to teachers to manage their own breaking point. “There are strong ethical values that sit alongside teaching as a profession,” he said.

Right, it is strongly ethical to arrange a hit on the principal obviously…I’ll just bet that teacher was the union rep at the school.

The Teachers’ Council and the NZEI and PPTA all oppose Charter Schools on the basis that they aren’t?required?to have 100% registered teachers. The unions say the kids will be at risk, yet this year alone has seen a registered teacher in?the?news almost weekly for all the wrong reasons.

I’ll start listening to what the Teachers’ Council and the teacher union have to say when they start policing their members with a bit more integrity than that displayed by the Catholic Church.