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A nony mouse commented on The role of anti-depressants in mass killings

[W]hy don’t we spread the blame out even further? These acts are a culmination of months, years worth of factors. We could blame everyone who bullied these people, everyone who laughed, everyone who stood by and didn’t help or intervene.

Seems to me commented on Ron Paul acts to remove so-called gun-free school zones

Seems to me that people forget there are over 300,000,000 people in the USA. So “bastardising” the laws of big numbers……almost every behaviour know to mankind will be represented there. So one crazy “mum” verses 299,999,999 non crazy doesnt mean the USA is screwed in the head.
Seems to me that it doesn’t matter at all what the laws are, sometime “shit happens”.

BR (Bill)?commented on Rudman is back to banging on about Theatres

“I admit to being a bit of a hi-fi nut…”

Whenever someone tells me he is a “hi-fi nut”, I ask him what he does for a job. If he does not reply with the words “sound engineer” then I reach for the bullshit repellant.


cows4me?commented on Tories look at minimum alcohol pricing

Fucking politicians just can’t help themselves can they. This bullshit about alcohol consumption is just another convenient excuse to stick it to the peasant. The coffers are on the bones of their arse again, another quick wipe around. It’s not that the political elite will be doing it hard. What with their tax paid piss ups, perks and high salaries why would they give a fat rats toss, scum the lot of them.

Sarrs commented on Longstone resigns, is Hekia next?

What I don’t understand about this situation is this:?If John Key believed that Hekia Parata was an up and comer, she must have been able to talk herself up pretty well. If she can sell herself as a future star of politics, with little supporting evidence, to John Key, how come she can’t find a way to sell difficult education policies to the public?

Sponge commented on Another Bain Compensation Review Needed

I do occasionally wonder how well Bains fianc? sleeps at night after they have had a row

unitedtribes commented on Other People decide to use cars

Dont come to town much but the last two times, this happened. Printed off timetable and arrived in auckland (via ferry from Waiheke) with plenty time to catch the 625 bus. Nice clear display informs me that 625 is eight minutes away as expected. Then 4 minutes then 2 then it is due. No 625 arrives. 625 disapears from display altogether and anounces the next 625 in 34 minutues. I have an apointment so have to fork out $34 for taxi.?No thanks, there want be a third time.