Best of Whale Army

Gazzaw commented on?Greenpeace still engaging in politics:

Greenpeace should not only lose its charitable status it should become a banned organisation. Why should we allow an international organisation to attack the democratic processes in NZ regardless of who the government is? I’m getting increasingly fed up with hearing a whining American, Canadian or European accent every time an environmental ‘expert’ opens their gob in NZ. Go home and sort out your own fucked up countries.

blokeintakapuna commented on Andrew Little Gangnam Style:

Little’s hypocritical politicking is really quite sickening. When Labour need to use [Peter Jackson] as a “good” example – he’s NZ’s Hero – like we all thought anyway – but at the time of trying to secure the movies, PJ was public enemy #1 with the Actors unions and CTU / Labour… so I really think Little and his EPMU should just STFU.

Zephyr Cobalt commented on Scum Union Bullies:

?Union? is just another word for gang or mafia. They intimidate, use thuggery, steal, act as a protection racket, prostitute their workers, evade tax, and are cash and asset rich and never declare it. Not much different to the Hells Angels and Black Power.